“Double Standards”

A kid brought a pencil from school, when his dad came to know, he got very angry and slapped the kid. Dad said, you have brought the pencil from school, it’s stealing. You would have told me and I would have brought it from office. The kid was really confused thinking, if he brought it […]

What is easy: To change 1000 idiots or change one?

There is a common saying that common sense is not very common and if someone is lacking in common sense, in other words they are idiots. I am sure many of us feel like we are surrounded by people who lack common sense and it makes us upset or irritated but unfortunately you can’t do […]

“My Broker of Record is good”

During a recent interview with a group of Realtors® who wanted to join Save Max platform, I somehow got into an interesting discussion which encouraged me to write this article. One of the Realtor® kept saying that our Broker of Record / Manager is a good person by heart and he talks nicely to everyone. […]

****Why Giving Back to Society is important ****

I still remember when almost 16 years before, I landed into this beautiful country, 2 bags in my hand and a return ticket as I had a plan to go back after getting my immigration documents and then will see how to move ahead in my life. I am not sure if it was destiny […]

Technology: An Enabler

We are living in 21st century fully dominated by technology. Computer and internet is known as one of the most dynamic invention of mankind after the wheel. Now a day’s technology has dominated all the fields of our life and it’s almost impossible to think anything without it. Either it’s our day to day life, […]

New Year: New Hope, New Energy, New Me

Today is the day when everyone is excited that something new will happen tomorrow. We all will gather tonight with our friends and family to ensure to say good bye to 2019 and a warm welcome to first year of new decade 2020. We all will have high hopes and I am sure each one […]

“Simplicity is Elegance“

I am reading an amazing book which is about one of the most dynamic leader of the business world “Steve Jobs”. Jobs were known for his arrogance and irrational behavior in the business world especially among his team of Apple. In spite of all his personal challenges, people still wanted to work with him as he […]

“Life of successful Realtor®”

Every day I come across many Realtor® friends who are successful and enjoying a wonderful career as a Realtor®. I do a lot of discussions with them to understand how their life style is and what their future plan is. I have come across few common challenges which all of them face in their professional […]

“Common Sense: Not very Common”

We hear this everyday from our friends, family and colleagues that common sense is not very common. Did we ever think what this common sense is. How does it impact our day to day lives and most importantly why it’s not that common? Common sense is our natural ability to make good judgments and to […]

“I am open to accept Gifts”​

This is the festival season and I am observing every now and then someone drops a gift basket at my office to share his gratitude of relationship. Some do it as it’s their professional obligation as they are doing business with you, some do it because they respect you and some do it because they […]

“It’s good my wish is not fulfilled”

You might be thinking why I am being so happy that my wish has not come true. I am sure we all keep wishing many things in our life on each day, every hour, and every minute. Did you ever imagine what if all the wishes, what you have thought of, get fulfilled? Don’t you […]

“Choose your battle field“

In our life, we get so many options that sometime It becomes very challenging to make the right decision or it may be simply very confusing to choose the right option among so many available alternatives. Smart people always believe in making a decision rather than making a right decision. They first evaluate the available […]

“Top Ten Realtors in Brokerage”

Recently I was analyzing the data for the Real Estate and came across an interesting fact. In majority of the brokerages, the top ten Realtors are doing good business and after that on an average the no of transactions were approx 5. The more surprising fact which I realized even the top 10 Realtors, the […]

“Should we run after more and more success”

I was talking to one of my friend who I always admire for his passion and success which he has created in his field. He is very contented with what he has done. He got another opportunity where someone approached him to take his business to the next level. He was not considering that as […]

“Vision: An art to imagine”

This topic is on a special request by a person who I consider as my role model in my life. Before we talk about the topic, I will share a small story with you. Many years back I was approached by someone for an appointment to sponsor some event. I called the person at my […]

“How to become a Hero”

Yesterday I wrote an article about a real life hero Dr. Arvind and shared his story which is all about passion, compassion and empathy. Many people commented on the social media, send me text messages and called me on phone to say good words and appreciate his efforts to make a difference in the society. […]

A common man: Our Hero”

Hi folks, Today I would like to share a story of passion, compassion, empathy and a dreamer who dared to dream against all the odds. A story of a common man who is a real life hero. A story which left an ever lasting impression not only on mind but on my soul. Before I […]

“Team Team Team , Even single person is a team“

Now a day’s everywhere, all across GTA Real Estate, you will see everyone is promoting as a team. It seems like there is a storm of teams rushing from everywhere to prove its worth. I personally feel that competition is always good but sometime people just start following a trend without understanding their own skill […]

“What makes a Nation great“

Recently I got an opportunity to visit few wonderful places in the world including India, Dubai and China. It gave me a lot of time to think about various aspects of life and a lot of introspection about myself as well. The most interesting topic which kept striking my mind was “What makes a country […]

“Wisdom and Experience”

We, as human being, are the only species in the world that has been given a liberty and luxury of free will. We have an excellent system installed in our body machine which is called NI (Natural Intelligence) which is much smarter, much efficient, much faster in processing than any latest AI (Artificial Intelligence). This […]

“Success Criteria for Realtor®: My viewpoint”

I come across Realtor® everyday as it’s my profession and I have made it my passion for simple reason ,I feel i can do this best . I am trying to make myself better every single day and keep working on myself to strive for the best out of me. When I come across any […]

*** Transformation from a Realtor® to an Entrepreneur ***

Today’s life has really become artificial or I will say, fiction dominates more than a reality. In today’s world we admire more reel heroes than real life heroes. We admire more fictitious characters than people with character. But real is always real and original has its own charm. Today I will share a true story […]

“A problem is never a problem“

One fine evening, In a high end fine dine restaurant, there were many families who were enjoying the delicious food. All was going very well until a lady saw the cockroach in her food plate. She really got scared, the moment she saw the cockroach and couldn’t understand what to do. She picked her plate […]

“How to find Trustworthy people”

What is the biggest challenge of life? People always say that you need food, clothing & shelter to survive but I think there is a fourth aspect as well that you need good and trust worthy people in your surroundings to survive. The biggest challenge comes how to identify that trust worthy people. We are […]


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