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What is easy: To change 1000 idiots or change one?

There is a common saying that common sense is not very common and if someone is lacking in common sense, in other words they are idiots. I am sure many of us feel like we are surrounded by people who lack common sense and it makes us upset or irritated but unfortunately you can’t do anything as some of them are your friends and others are your relatives.

But that’s not the topic of my discussion today, the real topic is “What is Easy to change, 1000 idiots or to change 1.”

Before I further go into my own thought process, please answer this question to yourself. I am sure majority of us might have thought it’s easy to change 1 rather than thousand. But the real wisdom is to understand which one person we have to choose to change. Did you ever think the same way we understand that our friends and relatives do the idiotic things, majority of time we also might be doing many of those activities which looks idiotic to others but most of the time we don’t even realize it.

It’s a normal human behavior that we easily identify the fault of others but ignore our own. But in Real life we might be doing much more than what we see in others. Once we realize it then it becomes so easy to rectify it. The real challenge is the realization but if someone really want to change himself/herself, it’s very easy to do the self realization. You just have to imagine if the same act is done by someone else, how would you feel? If you feel that if done by others you will get a feeling that they are doing something idiotic, and then you have your answer and better avoid doing that so that others don’t feel the same for you.

It’s so easy to change one person and that’s yourself. Think about it, you know yourself very well from the past many years and if you can’t change someone who you know so well, how can you change others to whom you don’t even know well. Once you start working on yourself, all of a sudden you will realize that all other idiots are getting better in your surroundings. It was our thought process which was killing us once we change our thought process then things automatically starts getting better. Life will become so simple that you won’t even feel something needs to be changed in others. Let’s all work together to change that one idiot who lives with us 24 hrs rather than changing those 1000s who lives in our surroundings.

“If you care, you will share …”

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