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“Common Sense: Not very Common”

We hear this everyday from our friends, family and colleagues that common sense is not very common. Did we ever think what this common sense is. How does it impact our day to day lives and most importantly why it’s not that common?

Common sense is our natural ability to make good judgments and to behave in a practical and sensible way. Now the question arises, where does this common sense comes from? The simple answer to this is, it comes from experience not studies. This will help us to analyze why it’s not very common. The world has changed and the education system especially in South Asian countries has become so burdensome that majority of our younger generation and parents made education as the criteria of success. Not only education but over use of technology has played an important role to make this rare commodity, called common sense, disappear. The world has become so much dependent upon irrelevant information that people have forgotten to experience many things in life. If you don’t get experience, you will lack on common sense.

So here is the catch, common sense is neither common nor sense, people are not making sound judgments because of lack of real life experiences. We buy stuff which we can’t afford. We eat so much junk food rather than eating healthy. Kids play more video games rather than playing in the parks and grounds. People are running after jobs rather than doing their own works. We are travelling by cars and motor bikes rather than bicycle and walking. All these and many more other things have made a lot of impact on people’s life and we are losing our common sense.

If we look back and see our previous generations, we will admire their common sense and their handling of real life situations which made more practical sense. Now a day’s majority of our decisions are taken by Google, as we rely more on machines to help us provide the information which has no authenticity. We have forgotten to take advice or suggestions from our elders who have lived a practical life and can give much better analysis than computers. Unfortunately, we are giving the same advice to our next generations and not realizing that it may harm their future badly and that’s a very good example of common sense being extremely extinct.

Let’s make our life simple and better. We should encourage our next generations to experience things and life , eat healthy , encourage kids to do exercise , spend lot of quality time with them , understand their problem and be their guide , we have to become their mentors and also give them liberty to make independent decisions , share jokes and laughter.

Let’s use our common sense to bring back the common sense in our common lives and life will be much easier, simpler and enjoyable.

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