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New Year: New Hope, New Energy, New Me

Today is the day when everyone is excited that something new will happen tomorrow. We all will gather tonight with our friends and family to ensure to say good bye to 2019 and a warm welcome to first year of new decade 2020. We all will have high hopes and I am sure each one of us is waiting for this New Year day from last few weeks. You might have heard many people saying, I have to do this, I have to do that but I will do it in New Year.

So let’s talk about what will change tomorrow? Why we all are waiting something to happen tomorrow which we are thinking will change our life. Do you think Sun will come from other direction or something significant will change which will help us to be different. In my humble opinion, it’s all psychology which we just keep playing with ourselves. First of all it will be just a new day as like others but we will be more recharged after New Year parties and enthusiasm will be different to do new things for the coming year.

But what should be the real change, do you think by just changing a day, our life will become better. Not really!!! We have to change ourselves and if someone is really determined then you don’t need a New Year date to make a new you. If you really want to change your life, make sure you have to change yourselves and if you really want to change yourself, you won’t wait for a specific date.

Life is very clear and simple, if you are doing the same things which you were doing earlier, you will get the same outcome. If you want to get different outcome, you have to do something different.

I personally don’t feel the need for a specific date to make my resolution. I try to promise myself the same moment I realize that I need to make a change. I immediately start working on it as it takes a lot of time to change anything especially something which someone has learned for almost half of their life. Learning a new thing is always easy but changing an old one is always a challenge. You have to first unlearn in case you want to change something so there are 2 processes involved, first unlearn the old stuff and then learn the new. That’s why it’s always better to inculcate good habits from your childhood as it’s easy to learn at that time.

But still for the satisfaction of everyone else let’s make some New Year’s resolutions and keep telling yourself that we will start in the second week of January. This will help you to redo the same resolutions next year and the trend will keep going on for our life without any change.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year in advance.

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