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“Simplicity is Elegance“

I am reading an amazing book which is about one of the most dynamic leader of the business world “Steve Jobs”. Jobs were known for his arrogance and irrational behavior in the business world especially among his team of Apple. In spite of all his personal challenges, people still wanted to work with him as he knew how to get the best out of them. He always used to push people to their limits and got the best out of them. The best part of his personality was, he was a perfectionist and always believed on simplicity. He has a strong conviction that simplicity is very powerful when it comes to the design and elegance of his product. He always try to make things simple yet elegant and all this is clearly visible in any of the Apple products there in the market. Off course he wanted to rule the world with his business but if we go through his life, he lived it very simple.

The same rules apply in our day to day life. When it comes to getting the success or dominating in the market in any stream of business, most of the times simple things have changed the world. It’s not necessary to make the things complex which most of the time we do. When we follow the rule of simplicity, it takes so much less energy and produces such a dynamic results which helps us to enjoy the success at extreme level. The rule of simplicity is equally good in our personal life either it’s our eating habits or good looks by wearing a simple yet elegant clothing’s. Eating simple food will always keep you healthy and energetic and the same way having a simple wardrobe to enhance your looks will make you consume less energy to choose the clothes every day.

Simple living, high thinking is the secret to a better and balanced life. The same principal is adopted by most of the intellect personalities in the world. Simplicity is the real sophistication and it has its own elegance. If you want to lead a happy life then follow the simple principal of simplicity and it will lead towards the real happiness of life. Majority of the times it’s not easy to be simple in this complex world but once you get used to it then it becomes so easy to be simple .

I am sure I was very simple to explain the context of the article and it’s very simple forward it to others by just sharing on you wall.

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