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“Double Standards”

A kid brought a pencil from school, when his dad came to know, he got very angry and slapped the kid. Dad said, you have brought the pencil from school, it’s stealing. You would have told me and I would have brought it from office. The kid was really confused thinking, if he brought it…

What is easy: To change 1000 idiots or change one?

There is a common saying that common sense is not very common and if someone is lacking in common sense, in other words they are idiots. I am sure many of us feel like we are surrounded by people who lack common sense and it makes us upset or irritated but unfortunately you can’t do…

“My Broker of Record is good”

During a recent interview with a group of Realtors® who wanted to join Save Max platform, I somehow got into an interesting discussion which encouraged me to write this article. One of the Realtor® kept saying that our Broker of Record / Manager is a good person by heart and he talks nicely to everyone.…

****Why Giving Back to Society is important ****

I still remember when almost 16 years before, I landed into this beautiful country, 2 bags in my hand and a return ticket as I had a plan to go back after getting my immigration documents and then will see how to move ahead in my life. I am not sure if it was destiny…

Technology: An Enabler

We are living in 21st century fully dominated by technology. Computer and internet is known as one of the most dynamic invention of mankind after the wheel. Now a day’s technology has dominated all the fields of our life and it’s almost impossible to think anything without it. Either it’s our day to day life,…

New Year: New Hope, New Energy, New Me

Today is the day when everyone is excited that something new will happen tomorrow. We all will gather tonight with our friends and family to ensure to say good bye to 2019 and a warm welcome to first year of new decade 2020. We all will have high hopes and I am sure each one…

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