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Technology: An Enabler

We are living in 21st century fully dominated by technology. Computer and internet is known as one of the most dynamic invention of mankind after the wheel. Now a day’s technology has dominated all the fields of our life and it’s almost impossible to think anything without it. Either it’s our day to day life, our work, office, manufacturing, service industry, transportation, aviation and blah blah. You wake up in the morning, the day start with technology and until we sleep and even when we are sleeping, it has capture our mind, body and soul to a level where thinking living life with it is not possible. Of course there are many disadvantages of technology but if I evaluate the advantages they are much more than any negative impacts. Rest it all depends upon us how we utilize technology as our enabler.

I will share my personal experience of life with you. I am not so much tech savvy and the other part of the story is, I don’t have any techie acumen as well. It becomes very hard for me whenever I have to use any high level technology. I really lose my focus and get little frustrated. But at the back of my mindset, I could always see technology as an enabler to my personal and professional life. Now I had a choice that I should learn about technology but I decided to choose another option, rather than spending too much time on learning everything from the scratch. And even then there was a big issue that you have to keep up to date yourself with the fast changing pace of the technology which is changing pretty much on daily basis. The other option was that I should surround myself with high tech people who carry that acumen and love keeping pace with the fast changing trends as well. That idea worked very well, and it gave me an advantage that I can keep focusing on doing what I am best to do and my tech team always kept me up to date with the latest tech trends. This combination proved vital in my business.

I will also share a latest example where we team up with one of the very high tech guy who has worked more than two decades in MNCs and successfully integrated many businesses with high level technology. We met few months before in a flight and started having conversations. We became good friends and finally he decided to join hands with Save Max to equip us with latest technology to smoothen and strengthen our growing business. Within 30 days, he designed a very high end program and integrated Save Max services with a very sophisticated service providing app Workeefy. I was really delighted to understand his vision when he explained his raid map for another 1 year, 3 year and 5 year. I was surprised to see how technology can change the face of business and customer service. This is really next level and will help us to stand our brand apart from any competition.

I always see Realtors don’t use the best technology as their brokerage is run by the generation who are not really that tech savvy but we at Save Max want to ensure that we provide the best services to our client and I always learned to keep enhancing our service level so that our client can feel special when they are dealing with Save Max. Not only for our clients, Workeefy has equipped our Realtors and smoothen their day to day operations, be it cleaning before listing , handy man services to do any minor repairs, sign installation, staging services, VT, lock box installation and many other services related to selling / buying of the property. Workeefy has made our clients and our agent’s life simple and it gives me a feeling that everything is on my finger tips. It’s saving a lot of time for us as we don’t have to check KIJIJI or make phone calls, even then you don’t get the reliable professions to take care of your requirement. This app is really next level and it’s so easy to use that it has made our life simple and made us 10 times more efficient than what we were previously. The time which we save through Workeefy, we use the same to expand our business.

Folks, especially who are in Real Estate, my advise as a successful Realtor, Broker of Record, Mentor and Entrepreneur, please change yourself with time otherwise time will change you. In this fast competitive world, if you don’t have the latest technology, good luck for your business and growth. That’s what I learned and that’s what I am sharing with you.

Save Max + Workeefy = Better Customer Services

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