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*** Transformation from a Realtor® to an Entrepreneur ***

Today’s life has really become artificial or I will say, fiction dominates more than a reality. In today’s world we admire more reel heroes than real life heroes. We admire more fictitious characters than people with character. But real is always real and original has its own charm.

Today I will share a true story of a hero in our Real Estate industry who is a real life hero. A true example of talent who spend more than a decade in industry but performed average as he was lacking the right platform and then his story of success in a short span of time , once he got the right platform . Our hero of this true story had some good talent and he was doing well in his career but the best was yet to come.

He knew he was doing well professionally but still felt there was something missing, there are chances of exploring his potential in a bigger and better way. He tried to figure out himself, looked for guidance and took advice from his so called mentors but nothing changed. It took him almost a decade and one fine day he dared to explore the opportunities. He was associated with so called a top brand of the industry but always performed little above average. It took him time to realize that he is either stagnate or going down in his career graph. He looked at his more than a decade career and couldn’t see himself an inch above than what he was 10 years before when he started his career. Sometime it happens in life that you hit the right place at right time. The same happened with hero of our story who was craving to do something different but was not able to do so. He was exploring himself and looking for a sharp knife which can help to sharpen his career and take him to the next level. On the other side, there was a platform which has its own unique characteristics and was creating success. That platform has its own criteria and always believed in hiring only brand new Realtors. When hero of our story was looking to explore, simultaneously they were also changing their thinking and was trying to explore the experienced talent from the industry keeping in view the fast growth.

As I said, sometimes you hit the right place at right time, our hero reached there to explore his potential. And that’s it, talent has reached at right platform and then rest is the history. He realized that this platform is the right place to explore his potential and the platform also felt that our hero is best suitable candidate to explore their new thought process of joining hands with experienced talent of the industry. Our hero , who was sometime performing average , sometime above average and was acting like a Realtor® for more than a decade started getting the feel soon that he has reached at the right place at right time . Off course there were initial hiccups of collaborations but both were willing to work out together and have positive mindset , both were adjusting themselves to help each other to work towards a vision and soon it became a deadly combination. Initial days our hero was also skeptical and platform was also adopting a careful approach as it was an experiment but finally it worked really well for both.

Once they overcome the initial collaboration challenges then started another success story of the industry. Our hero who was always revolving between 20-25 transactions a year and was just working like a Realtor® for more than a decade, he was transformed first into a successful Realtor® and crossed 500,000 GCI in a short span of little over 1 year, simultaneously he was learning the art of leading the team under direct supervision of his mentor who was working tirelessly to ensure to explore the real talent of our hero. Soon our hero, who just got the missing piece of his puzzle of success, also worked hard to ensure his genuine contribution towards the success of his career and growth of the platform. The story which started with an experiment from both sides transformed into a team leader who will manage more than 100 million annual sales volumes and will successfully lead a team of 10 more professionals like him to shape their career to next level. He is targeting to become an entrepreneur with next 12 months and will own a partnership in the brand in a short span to little over 2 years of this tenure with this unique platform.

I am sure you all can very well guess which platform I am talking about but let me introduce you to hero of our story who is none other than Naveen Chatrath .

I would like to congratulate Naveen for his real success and am sure he will be a proud partner of our brand in a short span of time. His story is an inspiration for many others who are craving to be successful but lack right platform. What do you think our hero had the same talent earlier, he was working hard as well but it is so important for any talent to perform to have the right platform and work with some vision under an active mentor and then you will realize your real potential? A diamond is just a piece of coal until it reaches to right jeweller who cleans its dirt and give the right cut to get the real diamond .

One thing which we have to learn from this story is that you have to get out and seek guidance to explore the right platform for your talent otherwise you will keep wasting your valuable time as hero of our story did for almost a decade . I can only advise you , you are the one who has to take an action as it’s your life and your career .

If you see yourself and feel that story of our hero Naveen Chatrath is like yours, then it’s easy for you to make a choice. May be your are the next hero of my story.

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