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“How to become a Hero”

Yesterday I wrote an article about a real life hero Dr. Arvind and shared his story which is all about passion, compassion and empathy. Many people commented on the social media, send me text messages and called me on phone to say good words and appreciate his efforts to make a difference in the society. It made me think that how each one of us can become a real life hero. Every son or daughter see their parents especially dad as a hero of their life. Little kids, when they watch any cartoon or movie and they see any hero doing some courageous act or some good deed, they look towards their dad and ask him to enact the same in real life. There is a famous saying if you want your kids to learn something, don’t tell them and show them by doing so. Now comes the million dollar question, how can a common man become a hero.

When we all see the movies, read books or do surfing on the internet, we come across many reel life and real life heroes and admire their act of kindness or bravery. We always think deep in our heart & brain and come with a wishful thinking of becoming like them. Becoming a reel life hero is very difficult as there is a cut throat competition and you have to have an ability to act like others but becoming a real life hero is as easy as you have to act like your true self which anyone is born to do the best. Just imagine how easy it is to act like your true self as you know the best about you . The challenge comes when we try to change our self and want to look like or behave like others and by doing so we lose our natural self which nature has given us a gift. We don’t have to do much to become a hero, just be our natural self , have a feeling of understanding others , try to learn to feel the pain of others , do good acts of kindness and above all just become a good human being.

All this is good enough to make you a hero of the society. We just have to listen to our inner conscious which will always guide you in the right direction. Initially it becomes very hard and people think I can’t be the good person in this world as everyone else is not good. It’s not like that, it’s our thought process, and this is what we think. If you start thinking that whole world is full of good people, you will start getting every single good person on your way of life. Even if you think you have to change the world and make it a good place, why to start from others, start from yourself and then see how people will follow you. We keep waiting for others to become good first and then we will be. Just think about a small conversation which we implement in our day to day lives, we normally say to others, you do good to me and I will do good to you. Why don’t we say that first I will do well to you?

Every one of us wants our kids to be the best, and raise them to become heroes of this world. Did you ever think that you parents might have thought the same? They also wanted their kids to become the heroes of the society. Why don’t we fulfill their dreams first and show to our kids with our action and then it will become so easy to teach them how to become the heroes.

Let’s do some random acts of kindness, let’s try to help someone who need us, let’s try to feed someone who is hungry, let’s try to teach someone who can’t afford studies, let’s try to help someone to get a job who has no work , let’s try to clean our street , let’s try to spread some good word about someone who has done good for the society , let’s think about others and make this world a great place to live . It’s so easy to become a hero as you just have to act your real self which you are born with. Don’t try to be other to impress others, impress you.

I am sure after reading this article; at least one person will change his /her thought process and become a true yourself.

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