“What makes a Nation great“

Recently I got an opportunity to visit few wonderful places in the world including India, Dubai and China. It gave me a lot of time to think about various aspects of life and a lot of introspection about myself as well. The most interesting topic which kept striking my mind was “What makes a country great “. The place I visited in these 3 countries speaks about the cultural values, business ethics, moral character and above all compassion and empathy of people towards others.

This question kept striking me again and again, what makes a nation great? I understand we all have different perspective and in the history there are many examples where we can say that a great leader makes a nation great, or the natural resources of the landscape make a country great . Some might have opinion that best geographic location on the world map could be a factor for some country to be great. Education system , financial well being , youth of the country , law and order can be few other options which we might come up as a factor to make a country great.

Before I put my perspective in front of you , I would encourage you to open up the window of your brain to think for few other options which can make a country great so that we can have a logical argument and may be , can reach on a consensus mutually to determine the most important ingredient which is a sole factor to make a country great .

After doing a lot of internal fighting and putting thousands of pound pressure on my brain, I personally could reach on a conclusion the most significant factor which makes a country great is a “Common Man”. The common man who is walking on road, going to school or work, busy in doing his daily chores, travelling in train or car and blah blah… The common man, who we see it everywhere, in every country, is the most important factor to make a nation great. His way of thinking , his attitude towards his work and nation, his compassion and empathy , his emotional strength, his will power, his decision making, his zeal to follow the system , his passion , his knowledge and thousands of other factors which is the building block of any great nation . It’s like what makes a building a state of the art structure, the real credit goes to the every single block of that building which makes it a building.

The same way this common man is a building block of a nation and everything revolves around him to make a nation great. Many great leaders in the world like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama were among the common men and they have written the history of the world. This common man has a lot of power and once he realizes his power, he can really do wonders. You and me both have an important role to play to make our nation great as a common man and let’s take a pledge and ensure that we with utmost sincerity , compassion and empathy and with all the seriousness , we will work towards making a great nation . If every singly common man takes this pledge, we can make a great world indeed.

I am sure you might have your own opinion with logic which is very welcome and I would love to hear your thoughts and perspective on this.

If you care, you will share.

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