“Wisdom and Experience”

We, as human being, are the only species in the world that has been given a liberty and luxury of free will. We have an excellent system installed in our body machine which is called NI (Natural Intelligence) which is much smarter, much efficient, much faster in processing than any latest AI (Artificial Intelligence). This NI system learns with its own experience and gives us wisdom to make decisions in future. We act majority of times based on our experience and wisdom. Now the biggest question arise that how we obtain the best experience and wisdom. I can share my own thought process which is based on my experience of life.

If you want to get wisdom, Read Books. If you want to gain experience, Travel as much as you can. In my opinion reading and travelling gives you the wisdom and experience. I have started these 2 recently and in a short span of time I realized that I should have done this much earlier in my life but have no regrets of even starting it now, as we always say better late than never . I have started reading books from last years and after achieving the target of reading 12 books in 2018, I have given myself a challenge to read 50 books and very excited to say that I have achieved the same in 11 months.

Targeting to finish other 2 books in December and will keep the same momentum in 2020. I have started doing but extensive travel in last few months, though the purpose was business but I am enjoying it as a learning experience of so many places. I wanted Krish and Shreya to start the travel in early age so brought him with me this time to 3 countries trip. I can share my joy and happiness in words when I see him interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and understanding their culture and lifestyle. He is really having fun here with us.

Books give you wisdom as you get to learn from the experience of others. One life is not enough to make all the mistakes or rather I would say to experience everything of your own so it’s better to share our experiences with others and vice versa . When you do so you learn a lot and your sub conscious mind start its own processing to create NI of its own. When you travel, you experience life in real sense and get a first hand trail to various aspects of life and face its challenges. The real beauty comes with a live experience and that you can get only when you travel.

I have a clear cut objective of reading 50 more books this year and travel 10 new places in the world. Off course I have my own career objectives which will be on top priority as well. I am ready to make 2020 the most memorable year of my life, are you ready?

If you care you will share.

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