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****Why Giving Back to Society is important ****

I still remember when almost 16 years before, I landed into this beautiful country, 2 bags in my hand and a return ticket as I had a plan to go back after getting my immigration documents and then will see how to move ahead in my life. I am not sure if it was destiny but I decided to stay back. I felt so good and really loved everything here either it was system, culture, atmosphere and every other thing was so fascinating that I called my dad and said, I am not coming back. Though it was a tough call as I had a well settled life there and wanted to go back.

If I look back and try to analyze the situation, I personally feel that this is such a great country and gave me an opportunity to become what I am today. I come from a humble background , I am sure I would have been very successful in India as well but still I feel what I could have done here , would have been more challenging to do back home . I feel myself indebted to this country , this society and this community for my whole life that it gave an opportunity to a person like me to become successful, build my nest here, establish my business, raise my kids and overall living a good life in this land of opportunities.

Don’t you think it becomes my personal duty to take care of the community and country which has given me so much without even asking for it? I feel whatever the best I could do for others in this community would be less as my everything belongs to this place now. I know we all love our mother land and will always feel attached to our roots but we should be equally responsible for our beautiful country Canada. I always debated on the definition of family. For me, my family is the whole world, as we all are related with each other through a more strong relationship than blood relation and that relationship is called humanity.

I feel there is no bigger relation than humanity and by virtue of that all people living in world are my family. If we have got success and are capable to do something we should definitely come forward and fulfill our responsibility to take care of our family. If we get someone in our family who is not privileged to have the basic necessities of life , we always come forward and help them for their basic needs of life . The same way if there is anyone who you can help, don’t hesitate to come forward and help them. I can personally assure you by helping others you will never ever be deprived of anything in your life, rather you will grow much more than what you deserve in your life.

I will share my personal experience of life, I always feel myself blessed and in my humble opinion , I have got much more in my life than what I really deserve . If I have to give credit to anything in my life for success , I will simply give credit to blessings from my parents , my friends , well wishers and truly saying everyone who kept me in his thoughts and prayers . Those people always kept sending good energies and best wishes to me and it helped me to make good decisions in my life. When we become successful we always try to take credit of our success and keep boasting by saying, it’s my hard work and intelligence. We forget that there are many others who are smarter than us and working much harder than us but unfortunately they are not able to even meet their basic needs. Did you ever think what could be the reason for you or me being better than them?

I simply feel nature has chosen us to be strong, to be successful and gave us an authority to lead. But as you know every authority comes with accountability and here we are given a responsibility to help those who are less privileged. If we won’t fulfill our responsibility with utmost sincerity there are good chances that our authority will be taken back. I am not a believer of God but I believe in nature which I can see from my eyes and can feel everywhere but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect the religion and religious people. I respect their belief and their faith in God. Whatever helps anyone to become a good human being is ultimately good.

I feel so happy when I extend my helping hand to someone and I always believe in giving back to the community and society, as it’s very important to pay back your debt to live on this beautiful planet called earth.

I am sure today’s article will inspire at least one person to do something good for the society and community and if it happens I will feel I am doing my job properly, of encouraging others to do something good in their life.

If you got inspired, please don’t hesitate to share in comments so that others can be inspired with you too .

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