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“It’s good my wish is not fulfilled”

You might be thinking why I am being so happy that my wish has not come true. I am sure we all keep wishing many things in our life on each day, every hour, and every minute. Did you ever imagine what if all the wishes, what you have thought of, get fulfilled? Don’t you think it would put your life into a big jeopardy and have created more troubles for you? I think you are still not convinced with me and still thinking otherwise.

Let’s just take a minute and try to recall few wishes and see how much happy or comfortable you are that they are not fulfilled. Many times we get bad thoughts in our mind and they are also part of our wishes which we don’t realize. I understand we really feel bad at the time when we don’t get something as we wish but for sure later realize that non fulfillment of our wish was better for us .

Its human nature and we as human beings are supreme creation of nature. Only humans have the power of free will in this world and we carry one of the most complex analogies in our biological system. As per my little knowledge, I think the mankind knows only a fraction about the universe and there is still lot of knowledge needs to be discovered by science. But what I learned with my little knowledge that there is powerful force which can create wonders in the world is our thoughts. Thoughts have such a powerful force that it can change the whole world and we carry an immense form of energy within ourselves which we don’t realize many a times and majority finish their whole life by utilizing a fraction of it .

We need to have better control on our thoughts and always try to be thankful to what we have rather than having the regret of what we don’t have. If we don’t have something, then it’s for our betterment. What we had that which we think we deserve but actually we don’t. In that case for sure we would have created some trouble not only for ourselves but also for others. This is the hard fact of life that works has more problems from those people who have good intentions and they created those challenges with good intentions not only for themselves but for others as well.

I am sure you are still not fully convinced with my logic. I will suggest you to do a little experiment and request you to write your top 10 wishes today. Keep them with you and open it after 1 month, 3 month and 6 month. At that time you might see that you are happy that some of them are not fulfilled. This is what life is. But we as human beings are always in rush to achieve everything without thinking if we are ready to handle that much or not. It’s same like a small over enthusiastic kid start handling a big machine without realizing that it’s much bigger than his physical capabilities and for sure you can well understand that he will crash the machine because of his inability to handle it.

Start saying thanks when any of your wish is not fulfilled and move on in life for betterment of yourself and others.

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