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“Choose your battle field“

In our life, we get so many options that sometime It becomes very challenging to make the right decision or it may be simply very confusing to choose the right option among so many available alternatives. Smart people always believe in making a decision rather than making a right decision. They first evaluate the available options and then quickly choose one and put all their power and force behind to ensure to make that decision correct. Many times when there is certain option which seems to be equally good then it becomes the real challenges. At that point of time, we should consider the option which makes a long term impact on the outcome. We have to make sure we choose our battlefield right.

I will explain you with a real life example of mine to elaborate it more. I was talking to one of my colleague who was trying to explain me that one of our competitions is trying to do this and that. He was advising me to respond him in his own language. I had my own logic to that. I started my career as a Realtor. At one point of time in my life, I had to make a call that either I keep fighting on the battleground as a Realtor or I work towards my long term objective of growing my brand and strengthen it country wide and then worldwide. What if I kept fighting with local Realtors and would have spent my whole energy in that. I understood that I might loose some business but that was a deliberate choice to work towards a long term objective. Majority times we don’t make that sacrifice and people get stuck emotionally with the short term loss rather than aiming for the long term gain. That’s where a true entrepreneur steals the show and ensures to focus on long term objective.

Losing a small battle is a deliberate choice to win the war and that’s what I always believe in. Though it’s always good that if you have artillery and ammunition to hold the small battle ground as well , deploy it there with an intention to minimize the damage but always focus on winning the war .

In life there will be many unforeseen circumstances which will make you confuse, will shake you, will try to hold you back but as a true fighter we have to hold our battle ground until our last attempt to be successful. It’s always good to plan to the best extent but when it comes to the execution then please ensure to flow with stream. As everything is not going to happen the way we planned so it’s always better to be ready for the surprise. The bigger your system is , the more will be surprises . If you have a very confined and small

things to manage, off course it will come with less surprises.

Especially if you are in the business world, this thing matters a lot that which battlefield you choose to fight. In today’s highly competitive atmosphere, the variables are changing every single day, technology has brought the revolution in every industry and competition has gone to a level where you have to sharpen your skills every single minute just to sustain yourself in the market. But if you want to become the industry leader, it’s very challenging and retaining the position is even more challenging. But I personally always consider that good competition brings the best out of you , as long as you understand not to run the blind race of being no 1 . Please ensure to work towards putting your best and leave the worry of the outcome. You are not competing with others; your competition is with yourself to make you better than what you were yesterday. Learn from others and respect the talent, doesn’t matter if that talent is acting as your competitor.

At the end it’s your fight , please ensure to choose your battlefield which suits the best to you , give your best to your battlefield , if you win , win graciously , if you loose , stand up and look if you have your best attempt , appreciate yourself for that and prepare yourself for the next battle to win .

If you care, you will share.

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