I am not biased and I am not a liar but I am (Unconscious Biased)

I am damn sure that we meet those personalities who say I have never lied in my life and proudly claims that I have never been biased in my life and have done everything perfect way. I feel so uncomfortable when someone says he/ she has never lied, as this statement itself is a lie. Yes I do agree that they might have not lied as much as a normal person does but might have done many times which they themselves might not realize. But the bigger challenge, I see in that, these people are far away from reality and don’t understand the practicality or reality of their own life. Same happens to us when it comes to becoming unbiased towards any situation or person. Every person has some preconceived notions or their own belief system on which they keep working and many times in our life we become biased towards any particular person or situation which we don’t even realize .

The act which we do without our own self realization is called unconscious and I am sure if you put your thoughts deep down to that action, you will always realize that you used a biased approach. If you ask me the same questions that did I ever lie or was I ever biased. Yes, my answer could be a no to you but is that the reality of life or is that the true fact. I would simply say no, that’s not the fact. I might not have realized that I lied or I used a biased approach.

Many times I become biased to talent and give advantage to that person who I might feel is talented. But not only that I might have become biased at my personal front in my family and would have given advantage to someone who is more close to me. There is nothing wrong in this, as we all are human beings and this is a natural process and general functioning of our system. I am not encouraging to say lies or become biased, but we should try to avoid as much as we can.

Now the most important question comes that why we do unconscious bias. Everyone has their own beliefs based on their cultural values & experiences of life. When our brain has to make a decision and it’s bombarded with the information, the unconscious mind tries to find a short cut to make the decision and that decision is based on our beliefs, cultural values and experiences and without even realizing we become biased to a particular person or situation without putting too much of rationale. As I mentioned there is nothing wrong in it but we can always improve the situation by training our mind to be more rationale and can reduce the unconscious bias.

I am sure this topic will help you to become more practical and will make you think twice before you say that I have never lied and I am not biased.

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** Special thanks to a wonderful friend, a great person, a very logical personality and above all an amazing soul , my lovely friend Vipul Shah who suggested to write on this topic .

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