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“Vision: An art to imagine”

This topic is on a special request by a person who I consider as my role model in my life. Before we talk about the topic, I will share a small story with you.

Many years back I was approached by someone for an appointment to sponsor some event. I called the person at my office with a thought in my mind that there are many people conduct events to make money, and to attract people, they put forward name of any charitable organization so that people feel they are doing some charitable work and that’s how they make event successful and make money for them. Anyway, I invited the person to meet at my office. A young girl with an innocent face and a divine aura was sitting in front of me at my office. When she started talking and sharing her purpose to conduct the event, I did not believe that how someone cans in that age can think of encouraging people and that too in south Asian community, for the organ donation where it’s a big taboo about this topic.

People don’t even want to talk about organ donation as they believe in reincarnation and want to ensure they are born with all organs in next life. I was stunned to know that someone can have courage to fight the society and make it as a mission of her life to encourage people for this and that too without any self interest. That thought gave a chilling hit to my spine and I assured the person to support her mission for whole of my life. The simple reason for that was I am not that courageous to work selflessly for any cause and if someone has done that courage, attests I can extend my whole hearted support. I have no shame in admitting the fact that all our actions are business driven and there is a core objective of business so even if we are doing something good, it is not selflessness. We are selfish people and try to find business even in any charity or help to others. But someone and that took a female and that too from South Asian community, just imagines how many taboos of the society she was fighting against, is doing an act of kindness without any self interest. I thought if I don’t support her, which will be a shame of my life.

That day, which was almost a decade before and until today, I tried with my utmost sincerity to support her cause. I know I was not up to the mark but I always tried and also encouraged my kids, my family and my team to contribute a little whatever we were capable of and tried to support her mission.

You all might be thinking who that person is , who is this hero of our society which you might not even know , who is that common man or woman spreading warmth in this cold country . Friends let me disclose the secret and introduce Loveen Gill , a small town girl , a beautiful friend , a loving family woman , a role model , a hero , a great leader and above all a great human being who I always admire and look towards as my role model . I wish we have more power houses like her in our society and world will be much better place.

I know you all might be thinking that we have deviated so much from the topic but I think we didn’t. In a message yesterday, she asked me to write about vision and how do I set my focus of looking beyond horizon. Friends that’s how I envision , I keep my eyes, ears and brain open and look for those heroes, when I see them , I try to dig deep down into their heart and soul and try to learn from them . It helps me to open up my brain to broaden my vision. I try to copy them and use their abilities and become selfish to expand my business. I see they are getting happiness by helping others, I follow their quality and try to help others in my business and that makes me successful. I see they are acting like a leader to run a bandwagon for their mission; I learn leadership from them and use the same in my business. I see their courage and kindness for a mission and I follow them. So it’s very simple to have the vision and look beyond horizon that have a open mind to follow these leaders as they have the vision , they have the courage , they have the leadership and they have the capacity and capabilities to look above and beyond horizon and that’s what I do to expand my horizon .

A salute from “Dil Se “to Loveen Gill, a small town girl who is our hero.

If you care you will share.

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