“Should we run after more and more success”

I was talking to one of my friend who I always admire for his passion and success which he has created in his field. He is very contented with what he has done. He got another opportunity where someone approached him to take his business to the next level. He was not considering that as his logic was, life is cool and I am doing pretty well. I don’t think we need to grow more or add more. I respectfully understood his logic and I am sure many of us are in the same stage of life where we feel contented and ease off ourselves with the same logic.

I have a little different opinion on this. My point was that in case we are successful, it means that we are blessed and chosen one to take more responsibility and accountability. I can understand that I have reached on a level of success in my business and can easily stop myself and be in my comfort zone. But if I have been blessed with a talent then I should work hard to create more opportunities and help others to generate more and more jobs. If I have zeal and passion to grow that doesn’t mean I am not contented. If I want to attain more success that doesn’t mean I am greedy for money. I think we have to set our opinions straight and be honest and fair to ourselves. I have seen many times people talk about money as it’s a sin to be rich. And they are the one who are most money minded. There is nothing wrong to have an aspiration to be successful, to be rich, to expand more and more, and to leave an impression on the whole world rather than one city.

If you have been chosen by the God or nature and are gifted with a talent that makes you successful, that means you have been also given a responsibility to help others to make their life better by creating more jobs for them. I don’t think you can do any better charity than to create a job or work for someone, as it changes the life of more than 50 people who are attached to that individual. It will make their life better. Just think what charity you can do, you can serve food to hungry, give medical treatment to sick people, and give clothes and shelter to needy. In case you create a job for that individual, he can take care of all these. I am sure you will come up with logic that there are many people who don’t want to do a job or are not capable of doing so. It’s better for us to do some other charity of food, clothing, shelter and medical.

In my humble opinion, we don’t need to change the whole world, let’s start one by one, Help one and move onto another one. I am not the only one on whom the whole world is dependent so let’s play our part in life and whatever we can do with our best capabilities and capacity, let’s do that. But let’s not undermine our potential and be at ease that I have done enough. If there is another opportunity explore it, if you can make yourself better, do it and if you have an opportunity to grow more than what you are today, explore it. May be you are able to help more people. A friend this is my opinion and it’s not necessary for you or anyone to agree with my thought process.

The same way I want you to respect my opinion, I will respect yours and we always can walk away happily with an agreement on disagreement.

Keep shining, keep growing, stay happy and healthy.

“Real success can be achieved by helping others and that’s what I try to do and will keep doing until my last breath. That’s the real purpose of my life.”

Raman Dua

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