“A problem is never a problem“

One fine evening, In a high end fine dine restaurant, there were many families who were enjoying the delicious food. All was going very well until a lady saw the cockroach in her food plate. She really got scared, the moment she saw the cockroach and couldn’t understand what to do. She picked her plate and throw away. The plate went onto another table and cockroach fell on another lady there. The moment she saw the cockroach, she screamed and thrown it away which went on another person and within few minutes the same cockroach was all over the restaurant, as everyone was throwing it away on others . The whole restaurant was a mess and there were dishes everywhere and everyone was screaming. The chef heard the loud noises and he came outside from the kitchen. Quickly he realized about the cockroach, very calmly he went there, picked up the cockroach and throw it away in the garbage and apologized to all the guests. Everything was back in order in few minutes.

What do you think was the problem? Many people will come with an answer that cockroach was the problem. It was not the cockroach who was the problem, it was the inability of people to handle the cockroach, was the problem. The chef had an ability to handle the cockroach with cool and calm mind and he resolved the issues within few mins.

The same thing happens in our life, it is not actually the problem which is a real issues but it’s our inability to handle those problems. Problems in life are like cockroach in this story. They will fall on you all of a sudden, from anywhere and if you will keep throwing the problems on others who don’t know how to handle them, it will always create a mess out there. If you will take the charge yourself with cool and calm mind or have ability to identify right person who knows how to handle the problem, then only you can resolve it. If you are under the misconception of your life that you will not have problems while you are on a path to success then you are living in a fool’s paradise.

Please ensure to make yourself capable to identify the right problem and handle it with cool and calm mind, if you are able to manage it in that way, you will never have any problems which you feel are bothering you . You will start enjoying solving the problems.

Morale of the story whenever you face any problem, give your mind a message that it’s a cockroach and I have the ability to handle this cockroach. I assure you, you will start looking at life with different perspective and your level of success will be totally changed.

If you like this cockroach story, don’t hesitate to put your comments on it. If you think you got benefitted from this, spread the benefit to others by sharing it. That’s how we make the world a better place.

If you care, you will share.

***A Problem is never a problem, it’s our inability to handle it, is the problem. ***

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