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“How to find Trustworthy people”

What is the biggest challenge of life? People always say that you need food, clothing & shelter to survive but I think there is a fourth aspect as well that you need good and trust worthy people in your surroundings to survive. The biggest challenge comes how to identify that trust worthy people. We are born with some inbuilt qualities and then we have been trained unconsciously to distrust people.

Try to remember when you were kid what your parents told you. You had strict instructions not to talk to strangers and don’t take anything from an unknown person to eat and the same things we conveyed to our kids. This is calling it as an unconscious message which we are passing to our generations not to trust on people. Why we do so, why we take away the opportunity from a kid to interact with others.

The simple reason is we are afraid that they might get a bad person who can harm them. But don’t you think, out of thousand, there might be one bad person and we are taking away the opportunity from a kid to interact with other 999 good people. We have to change our way of training, rather than telling him not to interact with everyone, we should teach him how to identify a bad one which is more meaningful. We are wired to start our relationship with distrust and believe that it takes time to build the trust. That’s not right; we should start our relationship with full trust and let other person prove he that he is not trust worthy.

I have made some simple rules to live my life and identify people.

1. I start my dealing with anyone with 100% trust and give them a chance to prove that they are not trustworthy by their actions. By doing this you will always find trust worthy people to start with and will keep deleting those who are not worth

2. If someone is not good with parents and don’t respect them, don’t trust on that person. Simple rule if he/she couldn’t be his own parents, he won’t be yours

3. If someone is not good with his/her brothers and sisters, better not to trust on him/her.

4. Anyone who had old friends, you can trust him.

5. Always watch someone’s action not the words. If the word doesn’t match with actions, better be careful.

If someone doesn’t respect his parents and siblings, just think how that person can be good and trust worthy as he couldn’t respect those who brought him into this world. A good person is known by his old friends. It is not like they never had fights, arguments and problems with friends and family, it means that they have lives together even after those problems and challenges which shows general understanding of life and respecting opinion of others. That person has an ability to live with imperfect people as there is no one perfect in this world.

Life is simple and easy if you have good people in your surroundings. Let’s start our relationships with trust and let other persons prove their trustworthiness.

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