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A common man: Our Hero”

Hi folks,

Today I would like to share a story of passion, compassion, empathy and a dreamer who dared to dream against all the odds. A story of a common man who is a real life hero. A story which left an ever lasting impression not only on mind but on my soul.

Before I start my story let me ask you something:

Would you dare to leave a comfortable life of western world and move back to a small town?

Can you dare to leave more than one and half decade career as a successful professional

And choose a struggling life to help others?

Can you dare to convince your wife and 3 small kids to sacrifice a life of comfort and accept a crown of thorns for them?

I am sure you answer will be blunt no. But if someone dared to do so, I am sure you and me have no hesitation to call him a real life hero.

Let me introduce you, a common man, a small town guy, a son, a husband, a father, a professional and above all a wonderful human being Dr Arvind Dahiya. After completing his professional degree as a doctor, Arvind moved to England and established himself as a successful Professional doctor in the field of critical care. After spending more than a decade and learned the art of critical care, he was enjoying his life with his wife and three lovely kids. I am sure he was feeling some vaccum somewhere or I would say, his inner voice was shaking his conscious to do something which a normal person would never think of doing. Hippocratic Oath, which he might have taken many years back but was living every day of his life to honor every single word of it, was encouraging him to swim against the stream. Finally his conscious won and he decided to move back to his homeland, a small town, where he was born, raised, educated and started his career as a professional doctor.

In my honest opinion, bigger credit goes to his wife Dr Kirti and three lovely kids who shared the same passion and decided to join the band wagon of humanity to support his decision. Not only that, his parents, his brother Parmender and his family who were enjoying a successful life in USA, all became part of his mission to serve humanity and moved back to a small town Rohtak.

Then started the realization of a dream, named Kainos, which people call it hospital but I consider that as a home of god. Not only in our culture but for every single individual living in this planet, doctors are considered as God.

Unfortunately for many it has become a profession but there are some like our hero Dr Arvind who truly represent the definition of a doctor which in other words of humanity is God.

I am sure we all can understand that how challenging it would have been for a person who came back to the country , which has lost the meaning of humanity somewhere in past , to serve his people with a good intent of providing quality healthcare at an affordable price. I am sure those sleepless nights, drops of salty water on his cheeks when he felt the pain of a poor patient, sleeping on a 3×6 bed in hospital, working for long 18-20 hours a day, I am sure, no one will value that. As we thankless people will say, he is crazy, he might have come back to make more money or some will say it’s his problem. I can understand the fight and spirit which he might have shown to establish himself against all the odds of a system which can force any good human being to commit suicide because of his frustration against the system.

The journey which started with a dream almost 5 yrs before has become a reality and Kainos is changing the face of health care industry not only in Rohtak but in whole Haryana. The kind of technology, infrastructure, system and procedures are second to none in the world. Not only the medical fraternity, but the common men are praising his efforts to change the face of healthcare in India. I know this is just the beginning of a new era.

I know we all can’t dare to even think what this common man has does, but at least we can appreciate his efforts and spared the word about him to ensure that we recognize his sacrifice, we support his cause, we give a pat on his back and say, you are a real life hero. Our encouragement will boost his morale and may be will encourage another Arvind to take charge in any other field of life to serve humanity.

I feel proud to say that I am part of his mission and salute his and family efforts to create a difference in life of many others. Salute to solidarity, compassion and empathy of whole family towards a mission to serve humanity 

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