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“Double Standards”

A kid brought a pencil from school, when his dad came to know, he got very angry and slapped the kid. Dad said, you have brought the pencil from school, it’s stealing. You would have told me and I would have brought it from office. The kid was really confused thinking, if he brought it from school, it’s stealing and if his dad bring it from office, it’s something else . Many times in our life we apply the double standards without even knowing that how it is impacting our family, kids, society and country.

Double standard is when we apply a rule or principal differently or unfairly to different people or situations. Actually we are so used to these double standards that we don’t even realize in our day to day life and keep making the same mistake again and again. Everyone wants change but no one wants to change . We want others to be fair to us but we treat them unfairly. A father holding a wine glass in his hand telling his son , drinking is bad habit. Where are we leading in our life and these double standards are making life so confusing for the kids that it has really become hard for them to understand that what is right and what is wrong . The kids get most impacted with these kind of situations as their brain is not accustomed to these double standard and they apply the right logic . When they fail to understand they get confused and try to get the information from wrong sources which makes them more confused.

Here are few of the daily life examples of double standard

1. We want change but we don’t want to change

2. We want clean city but I can throw garbage anywhere

3. If my neighbor doesn’t clean my snow he is mean and if I don’t I am busy.

4. Everyone wants Bhagat Singh but it should born in neighbor’s house

5. People worship Durga but abuse girls.

These are few of the examples which we see or practice in our daily lives. We have become so used to the double standards and actually many times don’t even realize while practicing it in our day to day life. We should be more thoughtful and try to practice what we preach in our lives. It will help us to make ourselves a better person and only a better person can make a better society, better society makes a better nation and better nation makes better world. Let’s take a pledge that we will try to overcome the doubles standards in our life and will try to make our life more meaningful not only for ourselves but also for others.

“”Would encourage all the readers to share some examples of double standards which you might think of and post.””

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