“Blessings and Wishes “: *** Key to Success ***

(This article is special thanks for your wishes and blessings on my Birthday and a “Thank You “note for your love and affection towards me) I have been thinking from last few days to write on topic which comes from our day to day life and interestingly every day I am getting something happening which inspires me to write about it. Recently I have written on “Rewards “which was inspired by real life story of Abhishek and then I wrote on “Unsung Heroes “which derived the inspiration from our support and admin team.

Today’s topic came into my mind when I got an overwhelming wishes and blessings from my family, friends and from those who I even didn’t meet in my life. I am simple amazed to see a different aspect of the world and it forced me to think the value of blessings and wishes. I kept thinking , does these blessings has any meaning in life ,as we don’t even know the person and was trying to find a logic for it . After deep analysis and a lot of thought provoking, I think these blessings are the biggest treasure of our life. What could be a better way to enjoy your special day with thousands of people who are part of your family? Yes I said it right part of my family. For some family could be wife and kids , for some family could be including parents , brothers , sisters and all extended relationships .

I have my own definition of family. We think to whom we are related with blood relation is our family but tell who has defined that criteria. Someone did it for us and we simply keep following in the same way. For me family is much more than that. For me family is if I am related to someone with a relation whom I proudly call “Humanity “. I am related to every single person who believes in humanity and I feel I am related to those who doesn’t even believe in humanity because it doesn’t matter to me that they don’t believe but I do . So I have to act as per my faith about humanity. When I think that way I feel whole world is my family and I will not die with a regret that I was not able to spend enough time with my family as I have dedicated every single minute of my life to my family which is the world and universe.

If someone is sending me wishes and blessings, even we never met, still I feel that we have some connection or relationship which is far above and beyond of our understanding yet but we can feel it deep in our senses. I don’t believe that we can’t choose our relations we can, why would I just consider that someone who gave me birth are my parents, I have a right to treat many others like my parents, I can respect many others like my sisters, I might fulfill my responsibilities towards many other kids as I do mine, I should strengthen many brothers as I will do my own (But wife should be only one lol).

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those who showered me with their wishes and blessings on my birthday and kept me in their thoughts and prayers. I am really humbled and honored to enjoy this wonderful treasure of my life . I am sure you will keep showering more and more blessings on me and will strengthen me with your love and affection.

“”If you care, you will share “”

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