“Good Teacher and Effective Teacher “

Majority of us have our kids going to school. We are always concerned about our kid’s future especially when it comes to education. Every parent wants his kids to get the best education so that they can be successful in their life. We often ensure to have a good teacher for our kids. Did we ever think the reason why each student in the class has a different ranking, where as the teacher is same? Off course the simple reason which we might think of that every student has different IQ level and different intelligence.

I want to draw your attention to another aspect of it which many times we might ignore. Every student in class has its own characteristic and has its own intelligence. Every student’s interest and way of understanding the things varies from each other. But the teacher who is teaching them is using the same style of teaching on all of them. Now what happens if Teacher style is suitable to someone they will well understand the subject and if not then they will lose the interest.

 A good teacher is who can teach the class well in his/her own style but an effective teacher is the one who can teach every single student in their style. Same is the case apply in mentor-ship, as a mentor I will ensure that I help people in their learning style and will adopt myself according to the disciple. Everyone has its own way of learning, few are quick learners, few learns with example, few understand no’s, few gets motivated with rewards, few like perks and so on .

Everyone’s motivation is different and everyone’s has a different aspect of success. You as a mentor have to ensure to modify yourself as per their style in which they can learn the best. If you will adopt the same style on all of them, then your success rate will be totally dependent upon how many fall in that category of learning. But if you want to be the best teacher or mentor, you should be smart enough to understand each and everyone’s style of learning and change yourself accordingly. This is what I call as effective teaching or mentoring.

Don’t look for a good teacher, look for an effective one who can understand you and your learning style and then you see you progress and success.

I simply believe in one thing in my life , why should I try to change others , I would rather change myself which is much better and easier as I have a better control on myself .

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