“Unsung Heroes”: Should we appreciate them?

Sometimes I feel life is not fair and the way we have designed our system is not right. In every field you will see many people gets accolades and appreciation for the work which they do but there are many who worked at the back stage to make them win are always don’t get the credit which they deserve. These unsung heroes are in every field, be it home or business, be it war or natural calamities, be it reel life or real life. Most of the time at home front parents is the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to make a successful career for their kids but don’t get the deserving credit. A house wife who works 24/7 to make the family running gets neglected. In war, there are people who are supporting at the back end but many times don’t get the bravery medals. In sports the people who build sports equipment or even the coaches who build champions don’t get the credit. There are examples in every field which you can easily correlate to my statement of unfairness of life. Should we not come forward to ensure that we give the due credit and respect to these unsung heroes so that they can also be recognized and appreciated.

Let’s talk about business and I will talk about my own business first. At our office we keep focusing on appreciating Realtors for their overwhelming performance but many times forget our unsung heroes who enter office before anyone else and leaves, when everyone is gone. Who ensure all operations are running smoothly and Realtors can focus on their sales targets. I want to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts made by our interns , our flyer distribution team, our staging department and moving team, our designers, Marketing Team , front desk team, admin staff, IT, HR & Accounting head and all other supporting staff (cleaners, office maintenance team). These are our unsung heroes and their contribution is as good as mine in success of our business. They are our lifeline and take our workload with a smile on their face. They make us what we are today. These unsung heroes deserve a standing ovation for their efforts.

I would encourage all of you to keep your eyes and brain open to look for these unsung heroes in your day to day life in various fields and make sure you don’t miss any chance to appreciate them for their efforts.

We, at Save Max, believe in appreciating our team for any small gesture and make sure we don’t neglect our heroes. In a similar attempt we recognized all our supporting team for their work and said “thank you “from bottom of our hearts. We salute you for what you are.

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