“Why your intelligence has no value “

You might be thinking , what kind of statement is this . What I am talking about . It sounds so silly , until today we are under impression that intelligence is everything and we all want to be intelligent to get success in our life .

Let me elaborate with an example , let’s say you have a Ferrari and everyone else living in your street has Ferrari as well . How much value your Ferrari have in the street . Not really much because everyone has it . Ferrari has value only when other people in the street have other regular cars . If that is the case when you will take your Ferrari out , they all will look and get impressed and you will feel elevated.

Another example , let’s say your kid score 90% marks in high school . It’s really good marks and you will feel proud on your kid . He/She wants to get an admission in top university where the cut out marks are 95% , in that case the same 90% seems to be very less .

Same happens with intelligence , when you are in top 1% , and competing with other equally or more intelligent people , then your intelligence has no value , as everyone is equally and more intelligent than you .

Then what really matters at that level is What you do with your intelligence and that is called your attitude. After a level your attitude determines your level of success .

From now on wards if you pray to god to give you an intelligent kid, don’t forget to ask for the one with a right attitude because that is more important than anything else in the life .

I am sure I might have put little addition to your perspective of thinking .

***If you care, you will share and that will determine your attitude ….***

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Next Level in Save Max Hierarchy Model

Save Max Real Estate Inc., a leading Real Estate Corporate House, moving at great pace towards growth of its own people today announced its next level of Team Leaders who are chosen to lead the aspiring REALTORS® trying to be successful in the real estate industry. As the company is rapidly growing its reach in & around GTA, lots of aspiring REALTORS® are keen to take the benefit of the Unique Save Max Hierarchy Model. For this, it is really important that we have the next generation of Team Leaders who can support the growing team.

This announcement came as an extension of Save Max’s successful Real Estate Hierarchy Model where in every Team Member is provided shoulder to shoulder support and training to help the new REALTORS® be successful in Real Estate Business. Existing Save Max Leadership comprises of Sachin Gupta, Lalit Bhatla, Balraj Puri, and Gurmeet Gill. To ensure that the new REALTOR® joining Save Max enjoys same level of support, it’s important to create the next level of Leadership too. This will not only help the New Team Members but will also help the new leadership to work towards achieving their goal to become an Entrepreneur. 

Raman Dua, CEO, Save Max Real Estate Inc., Said, “We have the experience needed to deploy our unique model and provide the elevated level of support to all those aspiring REALTOR® or REALTORS® who are in the industry for long time but not able to perform because of lack of support. I and my existing Team Leaders have enjoyed working with new leadership team, we’re excited and sure that new leadership will be providing the same or more advanced support to New Team Members and will take the company to the next level.”

“At Save Max we are equipped to make effective decisions, based on what individual REALTOR® requirements are and our REALTORS® have always outperformed the competition” Said, Raman Dua.