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“My Broker of Record is good”

During a recent interview with a group of Realtors® who wanted to join Save Max platform, I somehow got into an interesting discussion which encouraged me to write this article. One of the Realtor® kept saying that our Broker of Record / Manager is a good person by heart and he talks nicely to everyone. But he was still inclined to join our platform. I was little confused and wanted to understand the reason that if he is satisfied with his brokerage why he wants to join us.

Let me first explain you our thought process for hiring. At Save Max we have a policy of not hiring everyone who come and approach us, so we always try to find good reason for rejection as well. We have created an atmosphere which encourages anyone to perform better and we bring them to the next level of their performance. Our first criterion of hiring is that we need people with two in build qualities; one is positive attitude and second is Team player. If we find any of these is missing, we simply don’t take that individual on board. As I personally believe that it’s very hard to change a negative person and if you are not a team player, we don’t need you. When it comes to Real Estate knowledge and business, we can teach you and with a confidence that no one can do better job than us when it comes to training any individual.

So keeping in view the same principal we have designed our hiring process where we interview each individual at least 3 times to ensure our hiring is as per our standards. In coming days I will share some data with you to show you How Save Max produce most productive people in the industry.

Let’s continue to our point of discussion with the Realtor®, so I started enquiring more that what he was missing if he has a good BOR / Manager. When I dig deep into the information, I found that he hardly met his BOR/ Manager and even when they met there was just a good Hi Hello kind of conversation. Then I further enquired and came to know that last few years his performance was not at all consistent. It was like one year good, next year bad then worst and then again good. Now this is the most alarming signal for me when I see Realtors® with inconsistent performance or may be even stable sales no for last few years that are a clear indication that you are lacking the right mentorship or you don’t have the right guidance of business.

Now let’s understand it better, you have a good BOR / Manager who is a good person but what if that person have no knowledge, communication and goal setting for you as a Realtor® or Team member . Being good by nature doesn’t make me good professional. I personally would love to work with someone who is a good professional not only who is a good person. Because I have joined them as a business not as a friend. Our priorities in our business should be clear and our first focus should be to work with good a professional who makes you a better professional and enhance your performance. It’s the job of a BOR/ Manager to make sure to bring the best out of you not just talking sweet with you and I have seen in many cases there is actually no communication or minimal Communication. Just imagine if there is no communication then what could be the problem. Don’t look for a good BOR/ Manager, look for a professional BOR and then see how your performance gets better and your become a good Realtor®.

Based on my experience I will give you few pointers.

Please ensure to take a problem to your BOR /Manager every week and see how he solves that problem for you. If he gives you a productive suggestion which helps to do the business then he is a good professional. In case he avoids your call and have no time for you, then you can well understand.

2. Emphasize on having a monthly meeting with him about your performance. Though I believe that it’s his /her job to call you for a monthly meeting to evaluate and suggest you future course of action.

3. If in your office , one manage or BOR manage more than 50 people then only God can help you because its humanly not possible to manage that many people unless they have a hierarchy of team leaders or mentors . I have been enough in the industry; I know there is no place which has that hierarchy except save Max

4. If you don’t get a call within 2-3 min when you are sitting in a deal then it’s a big problem as you may lose that business because of lack of advice. Sometimes we feel that we are experienced enough that we don’t need advice and I can assure you that is a biggest mistake. It’s always good to have an opinion or I would say morale support from someone who has better knowledge and understanding of business.

5. If you’re BOR/Manager don’t discuss about Real Estate and just offer you tea/coffee and in some cases drinks then wish you good luck. Just imagine how will you learn and make yourself better.

Folks, many time we ignore these things in our life and just look for people who talk sweetly to us and make us comfortable, I personally would love to work with someone who is a good professional as makes me uncomfortable as it will make me a better professional and off course I will be a better performer than what I was yesterday.

I am sure this article will open eyes for many Realtor® friends.

I am attaching my favorite quote which is most suitable for joining any brokerage.

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“Simplicity is Elegance“

I am reading an amazing book which is about one of the most dynamic leader of the business world “Steve Jobs”. Jobs were known for his arrogance and irrational behavior in the business world especially among his team of Apple. In spite of all his personal challenges, people still wanted to work with him as he knew how to get the best out of them. He always used to push people to their limits and got the best out of them. The best part of his personality was, he was a perfectionist and always believed on simplicity. He has a strong conviction that simplicity is very powerful when it comes to the design and elegance of his product. He always try to make things simple yet elegant and all this is clearly visible in any of the Apple products there in the market. Off course he wanted to rule the world with his business but if we go through his life, he lived it very simple.

The same rules apply in our day to day life. When it comes to getting the success or dominating in the market in any stream of business, most of the times simple things have changed the world. It’s not necessary to make the things complex which most of the time we do. When we follow the rule of simplicity, it takes so much less energy and produces such a dynamic results which helps us to enjoy the success at extreme level. The rule of simplicity is equally good in our personal life either it’s our eating habits or good looks by wearing a simple yet elegant clothing’s. Eating simple food will always keep you healthy and energetic and the same way having a simple wardrobe to enhance your looks will make you consume less energy to choose the clothes every day.

Simple living, high thinking is the secret to a better and balanced life. The same principal is adopted by most of the intellect personalities in the world. Simplicity is the real sophistication and it has its own elegance. If you want to lead a happy life then follow the simple principal of simplicity and it will lead towards the real happiness of life. Majority of the times it’s not easy to be simple in this complex world but once you get used to it then it becomes so easy to be simple .

I am sure I was very simple to explain the context of the article and it’s very simple forward it to others by just sharing on you wall.

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“Common Sense: Not very Common”

We hear this everyday from our friends, family and colleagues that common sense is not very common. Did we ever think what this common sense is. How does it impact our day to day lives and most importantly why it’s not that common?

Common sense is our natural ability to make good judgments and to behave in a practical and sensible way. Now the question arises, where does this common sense comes from? The simple answer to this is, it comes from experience not studies. This will help us to analyze why it’s not very common. The world has changed and the education system especially in South Asian countries has become so burdensome that majority of our younger generation and parents made education as the criteria of success. Not only education but over use of technology has played an important role to make this rare commodity, called common sense, disappear. The world has become so much dependent upon irrelevant information that people have forgotten to experience many things in life. If you don’t get experience, you will lack on common sense.

So here is the catch, common sense is neither common nor sense, people are not making sound judgments because of lack of real life experiences. We buy stuff which we can’t afford. We eat so much junk food rather than eating healthy. Kids play more video games rather than playing in the parks and grounds. People are running after jobs rather than doing their own works. We are travelling by cars and motor bikes rather than bicycle and walking. All these and many more other things have made a lot of impact on people’s life and we are losing our common sense.

If we look back and see our previous generations, we will admire their common sense and their handling of real life situations which made more practical sense. Now a day’s majority of our decisions are taken by Google, as we rely more on machines to help us provide the information which has no authenticity. We have forgotten to take advice or suggestions from our elders who have lived a practical life and can give much better analysis than computers. Unfortunately, we are giving the same advice to our next generations and not realizing that it may harm their future badly and that’s a very good example of common sense being extremely extinct.

Let’s make our life simple and better. We should encourage our next generations to experience things and life , eat healthy , encourage kids to do exercise , spend lot of quality time with them , understand their problem and be their guide , we have to become their mentors and also give them liberty to make independent decisions , share jokes and laughter.

Let’s use our common sense to bring back the common sense in our common lives and life will be much easier, simpler and enjoyable.

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“I am open to accept Gifts”​

This is the festival season and I am observing every now and then someone drops a gift basket at my office to share his gratitude of relationship. Some do it as it’s their professional obligation as they are doing business with you, some do it because they respect you and some do it because they love you. Whatever the reason is, it’s a way to send their best wishes and regards during the festive season.

I was just thinking about it and let me share the fact with you. Most of the gift basket carries sweets, chocolates and the items which we normally don’t use in our day to day life. Is it necessary and if yes then what should be the gift. I am sure you all are aware about my growing passion about books. I have decided that whenever I need to give a gift to anyone, I will give a set of books and will encourage that person to do the same. I would strongly urge to all the readers that in case you can also plan to do the same and make it as your New Year resolution. May be this small initiative of mine changes the mindset of at least one person, it will be more than enough. As that one person is good enough to pass down the message to a second one and second one to third one. The chain reaction can create a revolution and we can make sure that the most relevant gift of books becomes a tradition in our society.

A book as a gift is a real treasure of wisdom for the recipient and why not to present a treasure to your kids, family members and friends. Take advantage of this holiday season and your friend is waiting for a gift from you.

My address is 6755 Mississauga Rd Suite 304 Mississauga.

I am open to accept the gift and you know what I am expecting (LoL)

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“It’s good my wish is not fulfilled”

You might be thinking why I am being so happy that my wish has not come true. I am sure we all keep wishing many things in our life on each day, every hour, and every minute. Did you ever imagine what if all the wishes, what you have thought of, get fulfilled? Don’t you think it would put your life into a big jeopardy and have created more troubles for you? I think you are still not convinced with me and still thinking otherwise.

Let’s just take a minute and try to recall few wishes and see how much happy or comfortable you are that they are not fulfilled. Many times we get bad thoughts in our mind and they are also part of our wishes which we don’t realize. I understand we really feel bad at the time when we don’t get something as we wish but for sure later realize that non fulfillment of our wish was better for us .

Its human nature and we as human beings are supreme creation of nature. Only humans have the power of free will in this world and we carry one of the most complex analogies in our biological system. As per my little knowledge, I think the mankind knows only a fraction about the universe and there is still lot of knowledge needs to be discovered by science. But what I learned with my little knowledge that there is powerful force which can create wonders in the world is our thoughts. Thoughts have such a powerful force that it can change the whole world and we carry an immense form of energy within ourselves which we don’t realize many a times and majority finish their whole life by utilizing a fraction of it .

We need to have better control on our thoughts and always try to be thankful to what we have rather than having the regret of what we don’t have. If we don’t have something, then it’s for our betterment. What we had that which we think we deserve but actually we don’t. In that case for sure we would have created some trouble not only for ourselves but also for others. This is the hard fact of life that works has more problems from those people who have good intentions and they created those challenges with good intentions not only for themselves but for others as well.

I am sure you are still not fully convinced with my logic. I will suggest you to do a little experiment and request you to write your top 10 wishes today. Keep them with you and open it after 1 month, 3 month and 6 month. At that time you might see that you are happy that some of them are not fulfilled. This is what life is. But we as human beings are always in rush to achieve everything without thinking if we are ready to handle that much or not. It’s same like a small over enthusiastic kid start handling a big machine without realizing that it’s much bigger than his physical capabilities and for sure you can well understand that he will crash the machine because of his inability to handle it.

Start saying thanks when any of your wish is not fulfilled and move on in life for betterment of yourself and others.

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A common man: Our Hero”

Hi folks,

Today I would like to share a story of passion, compassion, empathy and a dreamer who dared to dream against all the odds. A story of a common man who is a real life hero. A story which left an ever lasting impression not only on mind but on my soul.

Before I start my story let me ask you something:

Would you dare to leave a comfortable life of western world and move back to a small town?

Can you dare to leave more than one and half decade career as a successful professional

And choose a struggling life to help others?

Can you dare to convince your wife and 3 small kids to sacrifice a life of comfort and accept a crown of thorns for them?

I am sure you answer will be blunt no. But if someone dared to do so, I am sure you and me have no hesitation to call him a real life hero.

Let me introduce you, a common man, a small town guy, a son, a husband, a father, a professional and above all a wonderful human being Dr Arvind Dahiya. After completing his professional degree as a doctor, Arvind moved to England and established himself as a successful Professional doctor in the field of critical care. After spending more than a decade and learned the art of critical care, he was enjoying his life with his wife and three lovely kids. I am sure he was feeling some vaccum somewhere or I would say, his inner voice was shaking his conscious to do something which a normal person would never think of doing. Hippocratic Oath, which he might have taken many years back but was living every day of his life to honor every single word of it, was encouraging him to swim against the stream. Finally his conscious won and he decided to move back to his homeland, a small town, where he was born, raised, educated and started his career as a professional doctor.

In my honest opinion, bigger credit goes to his wife Dr Kirti and three lovely kids who shared the same passion and decided to join the band wagon of humanity to support his decision. Not only that, his parents, his brother Parmender and his family who were enjoying a successful life in USA, all became part of his mission to serve humanity and moved back to a small town Rohtak.

Then started the realization of a dream, named Kainos, which people call it hospital but I consider that as a home of god. Not only in our culture but for every single individual living in this planet, doctors are considered as God.

Unfortunately for many it has become a profession but there are some like our hero Dr Arvind who truly represent the definition of a doctor which in other words of humanity is God.

I am sure we all can understand that how challenging it would have been for a person who came back to the country , which has lost the meaning of humanity somewhere in past , to serve his people with a good intent of providing quality healthcare at an affordable price. I am sure those sleepless nights, drops of salty water on his cheeks when he felt the pain of a poor patient, sleeping on a 3×6 bed in hospital, working for long 18-20 hours a day, I am sure, no one will value that. As we thankless people will say, he is crazy, he might have come back to make more money or some will say it’s his problem. I can understand the fight and spirit which he might have shown to establish himself against all the odds of a system which can force any good human being to commit suicide because of his frustration against the system.

The journey which started with a dream almost 5 yrs before has become a reality and Kainos is changing the face of health care industry not only in Rohtak but in whole Haryana. The kind of technology, infrastructure, system and procedures are second to none in the world. Not only the medical fraternity, but the common men are praising his efforts to change the face of healthcare in India. I know this is just the beginning of a new era.

I know we all can’t dare to even think what this common man has does, but at least we can appreciate his efforts and spared the word about him to ensure that we recognize his sacrifice, we support his cause, we give a pat on his back and say, you are a real life hero. Our encouragement will boost his morale and may be will encourage another Arvind to take charge in any other field of life to serve humanity.

I feel proud to say that I am part of his mission and salute his and family efforts to create a difference in life of many others. Salute to solidarity, compassion and empathy of whole family towards a mission to serve humanity 


**Market in other provinces: My Experience**

As you all know that I have more than a decade career in Real Estate in Ontario and have closely watched the market. I have learned many things and shared many experiences based on my knowledge of Ontario market especially GTA. I used to think a lot about the market dynamics in other provinces, Realtors working style, their challenges, success rate, business techniques, basic requirements and above all the success rate of Realtors. I used to think that Ontario has excessive no of Realtors so the success rate of Realtors is 10% and we lack right platforms to perform.

Recently in last few weeks I got an opportunity to visit Alberta and BC for our business plan. Before we do something I wanted to understand the basic market here, Do a SWOT analysis and conclude the need of our model in these territories. I will share my observations and understanding with you which I learned so far. There is still a lot for me to learn and I will keep sharing with you as we move further.

I have been to Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Surrey and many other small cities in Alberta and BC. Met with many Realtors (New and Experienced), builders, bank professionals, mortgage brokers and buyers and sellers. It was very interesting to know their opinions and experiences to understand the dynamics here. I still feel it’s too early to conclude but would be a good idea to share what we learned so far.

Let’s talk about the market in general here. It seems like in Alberta, it’s a bit soft market and showed downward trend in recent past but now going in a recovery mode where as in Vancouver side the market is much better after a Zigzag movement of upward and downward movements. But both markets have an immense potential for Real Estate business and has some unique characteristics which makes these market very lucrative.

Based on my discussion with various professionals, these markets have something different which is not too prominent in Ontario so far. Here there are lot many small builders who build custom houses and small projects. It is unlike Ontario where majority construction is ruled by Big Boys Club. These small builders make the meekest very unique and competitive.

When it comes to Realtors and Brokerage business, here in both provinces the commission system works bit differently in both the provinces. But when it comes to Realtors and Brokerage, it’s the same challenges as of Ontario. Here also Realtors success formula is 90/10 that 90% of business is done by 10% Realtors and there is a lack of training and support system. There is a big vacuum for the right platform and talented Realtors are not able to perform in absence of the right support system.

I will share a Real life example of a Realtor who worked in the industry for almost 20 years with brands like REMAX, Home life, Sutton and Century 21. After a decade he got some personal issues as his parents fall sick and he has to take care of them. It took him totally out of business and now he has to start his career again. This made me think that how much is the need of a system here which works for you in your absence and it helped me to make a firm decision about the requirement of our business model in this landscape. Did you ever think what will happen to your business in your absence? I am sure you have the answer. If you want to have some passive income so that it can support you in case you any adverse situation then you are the perfect fit for our system.

I feel there is so much requirement of a structured model which provides the active mentor-ship, can share or offload Realtor’s expenses for day to day business operations, create a passive income and can have a defined career path. In my humble opinion Real Estate industry in general lack a structured approach and need to have some discipline to make people more successful.

I will keep sharing my experience with you, stay tuned.

I am really excited to announce our office opening in Edmonton and will announce about Calgary very soon.

If you care, you will share


“Unsung Heroes”: Should we appreciate them?

Sometimes I feel life is not fair and the way we have designed our system is not right. In every field you will see many people gets accolades and appreciation for the work which they do but there are many who worked at the back stage to make them win are always don’t get the credit which they deserve. These unsung heroes are in every field, be it home or business, be it war or natural calamities, be it reel life or real life. Most of the time at home front parents is the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to make a successful career for their kids but don’t get the deserving credit. A house wife who works 24/7 to make the family running gets neglected. In war, there are people who are supporting at the back end but many times don’t get the bravery medals. In sports the people who build sports equipment or even the coaches who build champions don’t get the credit. There are examples in every field which you can easily correlate to my statement of unfairness of life. Should we not come forward to ensure that we give the due credit and respect to these unsung heroes so that they can also be recognized and appreciated.

Let’s talk about business and I will talk about my own business first. At our office we keep focusing on appreciating Realtors for their overwhelming performance but many times forget our unsung heroes who enter office before anyone else and leaves, when everyone is gone. Who ensure all operations are running smoothly and Realtors can focus on their sales targets. I want to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts made by our interns , our flyer distribution team, our staging department and moving team, our designers, Marketing Team , front desk team, admin staff, IT, HR & Accounting head and all other supporting staff (cleaners, office maintenance team). These are our unsung heroes and their contribution is as good as mine in success of our business. They are our lifeline and take our workload with a smile on their face. They make us what we are today. These unsung heroes deserve a standing ovation for their efforts.

I would encourage all of you to keep your eyes and brain open to look for these unsung heroes in your day to day life in various fields and make sure you don’t miss any chance to appreciate them for their efforts.

We, at Save Max, believe in appreciating our team for any small gesture and make sure we don’t neglect our heroes. In a similar attempt we recognized all our supporting team for their work and said “thank you “from bottom of our hearts. We salute you for what you are.

If you care you will share


***Hot Head and Cold Heart ***

I have read this line somewhere and it really attracted me as a few years back. I had a very hot head and anger dominated me very much. When success came across and kissed my feet the hotness of the head was raised like mercury in the summer. Soon I realized that is not the way to go up in life because you make more enemies than friends and above all, anger produces 1 thing; false ego. With time I became mature by reading books, talking to intellectuals, and self analysis. So, I started working on a formula; the more you succeed, the more humble you become. It was not easy to control anger as I have fed it with the most nutritious food, ego.

This was a fight between a sumo wrestler (anger) and the weak person (myself). The journey was tough, but achievable with proper training of mine through books and a little self-control.

The most interesting part of this journey the more I controlled my anger and reduced the mercury level in my head, the warmth was being shifted in my heart. I could never find the right words to describe the phenomenon until I read a beautiful line somewhere “Hot Head and Cold Heart will never bring you the best out of your life.”

Let’s work on ourselves to have a cold head and warmth in the heart. That will help you to face all the challenges with coolness of mind. It will also make you a wonderful human being with the warmth in the heart that is compassionate for others.

If you experienced the same in your life, don’t hesitate to comment below. As the more you write, the better you become.

If you care, you will share.