“Burning Desire to Win-Win or Perish“

There was a king who was forced into a war with the neighbor kingdom . The other army was much bigger and powerful than his army . The chances of winning were very bleak . He took his army into ships and sailed to the other kingdom to fight the battle . When they reached at the shore , the king asked all his men to off load all the weapons, equipment and food items . After doing so he ordered to burn all the boats and told his army that if we have to go back , we have only one choice to win the war or we will perish here . His army fought to win and finally they won the battle .

This is what we need to be successful, a burning desire to win . Until we have that killing attitude towards success , till then we will always find logic for our failure .


“Each one, Teach One”

Real-Life Experience

I always kept thinking what is the real purpose of life and why are we here on this earth as human being . Recently I got fond of reading books and I targeted to read 50 books in this year . With reading I realized the purpose of my life ( I think everyone has their own purpose to be here and you have to find yours ) . I realized that I have to make an impact on at least one person’s life when I am done with that I have to choose one more person who I can make positive impact and will keep doing it one by one until I am here on this earth . I started writing small blogs which many people liked and appreciated.

I see some beautiful rewards coming on my way and feel proud to see that I was able to make positive impact on couple of people which I will share with you . Few of the messages I got yesterday on Teacher’s day which actually made me emotional and also made me feel that I am going in the right direction to fulfil my purpose of life . I will share few of the messages and taking liberty to use their name without permission. I am sure if any of the person has any objection they will apologize me as I always use my right on those who I like the most .

Message from Smriti Dash

( Real Beauty is , I think we never met in our life , though she visited my office once and also we planned to meet but could never meet face to face )

***A very good morning to you Raman Jee,

Wishing you a very happy teacher’s day!

You are an amazing mentor cum friend, who helps to enlighten and inspire young minds and change lives.

Every article of yours definitely conveys a message of learning lessons. Keep enlightening us with your knowledge and experience.

It definitely impacts many learning souls.

Love reading your posts always.

Warm regards to you 🙏🙏

Wishing you a very happy teacher’s day !!


Message from Shaifali Kaushik

( I know her from the days when she was just landed in this country . I have seen her growing from a little girl to a wonderful human being . I have learned some of the best lessons of life from her . Feel proud to be part of her team , yes I said it right , I feel like part of her team and she is the real power of Save Max .)

***Happy Teachers day to the world’s best Teacher, Mentor and the most inspiring and kindest human being Raman Dua ❣️

You are not just living your life with pride and happiness but inspiring and making so

Many more to do the same

Keep Inspiring….***

Message from Jyoti Bhogal Ji .

( I always admire Jyoti ji for her smiling and inspiring personality. Her short and sweet message made me smile. Reading Guru Ji was awkward for me and it gave me feeling of an old man and it made me smile . I felt like she is saying those words in front of me . Such a lovely feeling and I read it few times )

Happy Teacher’s Day…!!!

Real Estate GURU JI..!!!

Thanks to all these wonderful people who actually thought so much and made me feel proud . They are the true inspiration and example for all of us . Their small gesture gave me more strength and I feel like I have to make more efforts to write and share with all of you . And yes that’s my purpose of life

“Each one , Teach one”


Actions and Blessings

I have been asked much time by my colleagues, other Realtors, friends, media and so many other people, what’s the secret of your success? We all believe that actions make you successful but I am a firm believer that there is something more powerful than actions and actually it drives your action as well so many times and that’s called blessings. I always give credit to my success to all the blessings which have been showered on me during my lifetime. After all, I am a human being and I have made so many mistakes but some of them were excused by my good wishers and some were minor which were ignored. What keeps you moving in life is the blessings that you collect by doing anything and everything with your pure heart. Even if you are helping someone, don’t help with some vested interest and that helps become the blessing of life.

I remember I might have made thousands of stupid calls or irrational decisions in my life but something somehow saved me from all the irrationalities of life. I always feel I got more than what I deserve in my life. There are thousands of others who are smarter than me and doing much more hard work than me. The only difference I could see is maybe I have a little more blessing than anyone else. I would always encourage everyone to keep counting their blessings and even try to collect countless blessings; you will observe in your life that blessings saved from the biggest havoc.

Now comes the simple but most important question on how to collect blessings. I have made some of my concepts of life and try to follow them. Just see if it works for you as well.

1. First and foremost, the whole cosmos belongs to me and I belong to the whole cosmos. Everything is my accountability and responsibility. If you will think like this, any work will never be a burden on you.

2. Listen to your instinct. It can’t guide you wrong. Even if for the time being you will feel something wrong has happened, it will automatically guide you to make it right.

3. Be genuine even if you have done a blunder. People feel genuine.

4. Believe in just doing. Forget about right and wrong. Just do it with your inner conscience. If right happens, great. If wrong happens, wonderful. You will realize, later on, the wrong was actually right.

5. Help people with genuine intentions. Don’t expect anything in return. You will be automatically taken care of by someone else.

6. Love money but not more than people. You can earn money easily but earning people is very hard.

7. Accept someone the way they are. Don’t expect perfect human beings, love imperfection that will give you peace of mind.

8. Kids are like God. Do whatever best you can do for them.

9. Love what you do and enjoy it to the fullest.

10. Fear kills you, kill the fear with your power.

This is my latest finding and I loved it the most. Meditate … Meditate … Meditate…

I shared my success mantra, you can share yours…..


Every House Has a Hero: Let’s Salute Them

A hero is a person who has the outstanding ability to stand for a cause and fight the odds to help others. The cause could be fighting for the survival of the family, taking responsibility for financial burden, working to ensure that his/her job is done properly even in the time of difficulty or someone who stands in line for the duty in his/her respective field.

This story is inspired by a hero who is fighting the battle because one is survival for the family and the other one is making sure her duty is done properly amid this Pandemic. Yesterday I got a call from one of my colleague Ash Who has a family to take care of but is stuck in the house to ensure self-isolation. His wife works at Home Depot and she has a schedule there during this challenge. Though the whole family was forcing her not to go on the job and take days off as they have an option to go on EI or take emergency benefit from the government.

But this hero of ours decided to go for the job with an explanation to the family. She said what if everyone working there thinks the same way then there will be no one to take care of the people over there who are rushing to buy some daily use stuff. Also, there will be a lot of crowd in case many people decide not to come on the job and that might further spread the virus. For her the objective could be to survive the family in this tough period or make sure she joins her line of duty in spite of the risk from being infected, she needs a salute when she reaches home and that’s what the family did. When she came back, everyone was standing at the door to salute her for her dedication towards the family and society.

Do you have a hero at your home who goes out every day to make sure you could live a good life or someone who is out today during this worldwide pandemic? Please make sure to salute that hero at home who is fighting for your everyday needs. If you are that hero salute yourself as one needs to appreciate himself first.

My salute to all those household heroes and respect from the bottom of my heart.


Positive News: Virus not impacting much on 92% people even after infection

24.14 % of people Recovered, 67.70 % Mild Symptoms, 3.64% Severe Cases, 4.52% of Deaths

These are the stats for Corona Virus. If media puts the headlines that Coronavirus is not impacting much on 92% people, I think the whole fear of the disease will be gone. Don’t you feel this all seems to be media created problem and has been hiked on to a level where it seems like a very big deal?

I absolutely understand the other side of the story that we need to be careful about the spread of the virus, as it might make much more impact in the future but does that mean we should create an unnecessary scare in the public by just putting the negative no as the headlines. Don’t you think the time has come when we have to be more creative that how we can pass the message and ensure that we don’t create panic? Aren’t we creating 2 problems now out of one, COVID 19 is already there as a problem and by creating panic, we are killing the economy. Is there any other way governments could have handled the situations differently. Personally, I am in favor of physical distancing but I am just trying to do a thought-provoking process and see if there could be a better way to handle these kinds of problems in future where we at least don’t create unnecessary scare among the public and can stop the spread.

I think it would be a great idea for the future that we start educating our next generations about their behavior whenever there is a biological attack like this.

1. There should be mock drills in schools and offices so that people could well understand their responsibilities during this time.

 2. We have to make masks, gloves, and sanitizer as part of the emergency kits at home so that there is enough stock in the country.

 3. The medical staff should have special training to handle virus attacks and there should be emergency equipment assigned for these problems.

 4. There could be a self-quarantine training like CPR training where we can create much bigger task forces in each street and neighborhood.

 5. There should be a volunteer task force that is trained from time to time to manage any problem at the basic level so that there is not much pressure on the health system.

 6. Each region might have some super specialty hospital which can keep the other patients separate and infected separately.

 7. There should a special emergency fund to handle this kind of situation.

 8. Action should be taken at the first ring of the problem rather than waiting for others to respond.

 9. There should be a policy and procedures for each city to have a mass disinfection plan.

 10. A special committee that keeps evaluating the situation after 6 months to 1 year.

In my opinion, these precautionary measures can reduce the risk in the future for these kinds of problems and will ensure that we don’t have 2 problems.


How Many Lives Corona Has Saved

You watch any news channel, pick up any newspaper, internet, social media or any other mode of communication, everywhere, everybody is talking only one thing, how many people died from Corona Virus. It seems like every single death happening in the world is because of Corona only. Don’t you realize that all of a sudden people stopped dying from any other ailment or accident or plane crash or mass shooting or any terroristic activity (except the one from Afghanistan)? Now, what does that mean actually? Let’s run our brain and realize that all other problems have been disappeared from the world all of sudden and only one problem is dominating the world which is responsible for the majority of deaths.

It’s giving me another thought to analyze the data that how many people have been saved from accidents, mass shootings, other ailments, pollution, heart attack, diabetes and many other factors like that. Corona started spreading somewhere in Nov 2019 in Wuhan and from then it took almost 84000 lives all across the world. It’s almost 5 months and on an average 560 people died each day. I did a little research and found out that there are a total of 150000 people die every day in the world. Another Interesting stats which I find there are more than 3700 people who lose their lives daily in road accidents and many other who gets nonfatal injuries and long term disabilities. In other worlds because of Corona, there is no traffic on the rods and many lives are being saved from road accidents. Similarly, many lives are being saved from day to day crimes as all the criminals are also enjoying the self-quarantine. There might be many people who died from Corona as per the medical reports who have another ailment as well or might be age was another big factor.

Friends, Don’t you think we are seeing what media or someone else wants us to see? Let’s think and open our brains and analyze where we are leading to. We have become slaves in this world and can be driven in any direction just by throwing some news on us. My objective is not to give a message that we should not take precautions from COVID 19. My message is that we have to be more analytical and more thoughtful for the future and try to use our brains to think where we should lead ourselves. I am assuming that there is no conspiracy in COVID 19 and it’s a genuine natural calamity but what if there is some conspiracy and it will prove that the whole world can be made blind just with a small virus including all the so-called world powers and world leaders. But I don’t think it’s their fault, it’s our fault, as we have allowed them to block our minds and close our eyes. Let’s not live a life that anyone can drive for us, we have to have full control over our life and plan to live a conscious life.

I am sure you will somewhat agree with my thought process. If so then don’t hesitate to share this with others. Your thoughts are welcome.


“Stop helping others”

There is a famous saying in India that when someone goes to Canada, their blood turns white. I am sure you might have heard or experienced it many times or maybe we are one of those about whom someone else is saying this thing. Why does that happen and who does that. When we come to this country as a new immigrant, then we are well connected to our friends and family back home. Slowly slowly we start getting busy in our lives here and because of the sincere working culture here we get busy in our daily routine and get less time for friends and family back home. Also sometimes the expectations are more from us as we have become Canadian so we relatives and friends think that we have all the power to do everything which is far from reality. Also, there is another factor that the more you get older in this county, the complexity of life kept increasing and even many times we are willing to help but our own circumstances don’t allow us to do so.

Another major reason what I see that many times you helped others but didn’t get a good response from their side so that makes you feel that you shouldn’t help others. I always fight with myself for that and say to myself, why should I change myself just because I have some expectations from others and they didn’t fulfill those expectations. I have also been backstabbed, I have also been cheated, I have also been fooled but just because that happened, should I change myself. I don’t think that is a wise call. I always give myself the logic of not changing myself as a helping hand to others that this may be the reason why I am, where I am.

If you are successful in your life, make sure to help others to be successful that will multiply your success manifolds. Don’t ever stop doing what brought you here at this level in your life. That’s the reason why so many people get stuck after reaching a level as they stop doing what helped them to achieve that level.

Let’s all celebrate October as a HELPING HAND Month and share stories to those helping hands who came forward to make you feel happy.

***If you care, you will share***


“Success: A Fear”​

Did you ever think about why people don’t get success in their life? One of the prime reasons is that we are afraid of success. Just imagine yourself and think about it the level of success you want to achieve. Once you have determined then review the actions you have to take, to achieve that level of success. Once you will think about the whole process of success including the steps and actions, you will realize how fearful you are to do everything. Why don’t we realize that fear on a day to day basis? The reason for that is we are experiencing that fear from Our childhood and now don’t even realize but our subconscious mind is experiencing it and stopping us to be successful.

I will give you a live example of my field Real Estate, An average Realtor is afraid of doing a deal as he doesn’t want to go through the headache (people think it’s a headache) of talking to clients, showing them the property, helping them for their mortgage and recommending them to other professionals. No one wants to take the challenge of work but everyone wants to be successful and millionaire. Nothing in this world comes without a cost and that cost can be either your time, money, hard work, or compromising with many other situations. Once we overcome the fear of being successful and willing to take the challenges of success, no power in the world can stop us from being successful.

Now you might be thinking about what we should do to overcome that fear. The only thing you have to do it, fight with yourself and your fear. You have to keep telling yourself that you can do it. Every-time you fail, get up with more strength, and tell yourself that I will find a new way to achieve my target. It is as simple as doing anything which you are doing from your childhood like walking, talking, listening, breathing, and many other things which you don’t even realize you are doing successfully. Once you start fighting with yourself, with the time your brain will be trained and you won’t even realize that you have no fear of success.

Let’s promise to ourselves that we will fight with every fear of what we have in our minds and make the world a better place with our success in life.

If you care you will share. I took the time out to write it for you, can’t you take the time out to share for others benefit.


“Why Books“

Who doesn’t want a good friend in their life? We always seek towards someone who can guide us, who can share their knowledge with us and who we can rely to take an advise in adverse situation. Did we ever think who that best friend could be?

In my humble opinion, that best friend you are looking for yourself is your inner conscious. Now the question comes that you best friend who will help you lifelong and becomes your adviser, should be qualified enough to do so. I am sure you would not like to take advice from someone who doesn’t have the ability or knowledge about various subjects and not up to mark in terms of intellect. Now it’s your challenge that how intelligent or smart you want your friend to be so that you can rely or listen to his advice whenever you need some.

You have to provide the best food for your friend so that he can be happy and healthy and become capable as your trusted adviser. The best and healthy food you can feed to your friend is good books which will help him to ensure he is up to date with the latest scenarios, his analytical ability is sharp and his decision making is best. Good books is like a top quality gym for your own intellect and if you want to ensure a healthy mind, the best trainer of the world is books which helps our brain to exercise, by way of thinking various aspects of life. I am sure you will agree with me that one full life is not enough to make all the mistakes from which you can learn, then how we should learn. The best way is that we should learn from other people’s experience and books is a good via media for us to share other people’s experience for our own learning.

I can share my personal life experience that books has changed my life in such a positive direction and immensely contributed in my wisdom. I am sure you all will ensure to read as many books as you can.

I took a pledge to read 50 books this year, how many you will, please share in comments.

If you care, you will share…..


“How are you ? Not Bad”

When I came to Canada as an immigrant, the most common thing I heard was “Not Bad“. Whenever you ask someone how are you? The most common Canadian answer is “Not Bad“. I am not sure how It might have started and who used it first. But my biggest concern was that why people don’t change it. Did you ever think that we are using two negative words in this? “NOT & BAD”. Both these words are negative words which really create negative vibes as well. So I thought that I will start using only positive words. When someone comes and ask me, how are you. I reply by saying, “Fantastic “. I have observed people’s reaction on it and everyone seems very happy with that word. By saying fantastic, I was sharing something energetic and powerful with them and could see a smile on other person’s face.

I will encourage you to do an experiment that next 10 people who comes and ask you , How are you , say “Not Bad “ to five out of those ten and say “Fantastic “ to rest five . Try to see how you feel and also how other person reacted to your answer. Then you might understand the power of using positive words in our day to day life. Our mind has a beautiful auto learning system. The way we feed our brain, the same way it learns. If we feed it with positivity that’s what it will return back to you and if we feed it with negativity, then it has no option than emitting negative vibes.

Can we all take a pledge that not only us will use only the positive words, but will also encourage others to do so…

I use Fantastic; you can choose your own positive word. It will be fantastic if you share your positivity with others and mention your positive word in comments.

If you care, you will share.