“Vancouver Diaries“

After marking some initial footsteps in Alberta for Save Max, I thought what should be next destination to touch for our Real Estate expansion. The first thought which came into my mind was about Vancouver. I was fascinated with the mesmerizing beauty and warmth of people and wanted to experience it personally. So I decided to make Vancouver as our next touch point for Save Max. We started connecting with people here through various media’s and decided to come here on Halloween Day.

I was really overwhelmed with the success which we have achieved in Alberta. In less than a month we have an office in Edmonton and Calgary both cities. We are fortunate enough to make an impression so quick and got immense love, affection and support in Alberta. Wanted to see what Vancouver has to offer us. Finally we landed in Vancouver on 31st afternoon, reached hotel and had some rest. Evening we planned to visit Surrey where we had some friends .I personally liked the city and after spending few hours we came back to hotel.

Yesterday was a very interesting day and I got an opportunity to meet few investors, developers and many others in various field related to Real Estate. It was good first hand information about the Real Estate Market here in Vancouver and other neighboring cities. We had planned a seminar in the evening for which we had good no of registrations. But eventually the turnout was not that much in the evening which didn’t disappoint me as it was our first time here.

Later we realized that many people are skeptical to travel to downtown because of traffic and parking issues. It was a good learning lesson for us for next time. The best part was we got some quality people to meet who are in Real Estate business or aspiring to be Realtors. Evening dinner was lot of fun with some local friends and team members. I would like to personally thanks to all Vancouver people and especially those who came to meet helped us to connect with others. Today is going to be a busy and hectic day.

Full of appointments until afternoon and then we will catch the flight to Edmonton as I have to address a group in the evening which Deepak has coordinated Tomorrow we will be doing our office opening in Edmonton and then to Calgary. This is a lot of fun and I am really enjoying this expansion plan trips.

Will keep you posted, stay tuned.


“Good Teacher and Effective Teacher “

Majority of us have our kids going to school. We are always concerned about our kid’s future especially when it comes to education. Every parent wants his kids to get the best education so that they can be successful in their life. We often ensure to have a good teacher for our kids. Did we ever think the reason why each student in the class has a different ranking, where as the teacher is same? Off course the simple reason which we might think of that every student has different IQ level and different intelligence.

I want to draw your attention to another aspect of it which many times we might ignore. Every student in class has its own characteristic and has its own intelligence. Every student’s interest and way of understanding the things varies from each other. But the teacher who is teaching them is using the same style of teaching on all of them. Now what happens if Teacher style is suitable to someone they will well understand the subject and if not then they will lose the interest.

 A good teacher is who can teach the class well in his/her own style but an effective teacher is the one who can teach every single student in their style. Same is the case apply in mentor-ship, as a mentor I will ensure that I help people in their learning style and will adopt myself according to the disciple. Everyone has its own way of learning, few are quick learners, few learns with example, few understand no’s, few gets motivated with rewards, few like perks and so on .

Everyone’s motivation is different and everyone’s has a different aspect of success. You as a mentor have to ensure to modify yourself as per their style in which they can learn the best. If you will adopt the same style on all of them, then your success rate will be totally dependent upon how many fall in that category of learning. But if you want to be the best teacher or mentor, you should be smart enough to understand each and everyone’s style of learning and change yourself accordingly. This is what I call as effective teaching or mentoring.

Don’t look for a good teacher, look for an effective one who can understand you and your learning style and then you see you progress and success.

I simply believe in one thing in my life , why should I try to change others , I would rather change myself which is much better and easier as I have a better control on myself .

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“Blessings and Wishes “: *** Key to Success ***

(This article is special thanks for your wishes and blessings on my Birthday and a “Thank You “note for your love and affection towards me) I have been thinking from last few days to write on topic which comes from our day to day life and interestingly every day I am getting something happening which inspires me to write about it. Recently I have written on “Rewards “which was inspired by real life story of Abhishek and then I wrote on “Unsung Heroes “which derived the inspiration from our support and admin team.

Today’s topic came into my mind when I got an overwhelming wishes and blessings from my family, friends and from those who I even didn’t meet in my life. I am simple amazed to see a different aspect of the world and it forced me to think the value of blessings and wishes. I kept thinking , does these blessings has any meaning in life ,as we don’t even know the person and was trying to find a logic for it . After deep analysis and a lot of thought provoking, I think these blessings are the biggest treasure of our life. What could be a better way to enjoy your special day with thousands of people who are part of your family? Yes I said it right part of my family. For some family could be wife and kids , for some family could be including parents , brothers , sisters and all extended relationships .

I have my own definition of family. We think to whom we are related with blood relation is our family but tell who has defined that criteria. Someone did it for us and we simply keep following in the same way. For me family is much more than that. For me family is if I am related to someone with a relation whom I proudly call “Humanity “. I am related to every single person who believes in humanity and I feel I am related to those who doesn’t even believe in humanity because it doesn’t matter to me that they don’t believe but I do . So I have to act as per my faith about humanity. When I think that way I feel whole world is my family and I will not die with a regret that I was not able to spend enough time with my family as I have dedicated every single minute of my life to my family which is the world and universe.

If someone is sending me wishes and blessings, even we never met, still I feel that we have some connection or relationship which is far above and beyond of our understanding yet but we can feel it deep in our senses. I don’t believe that we can’t choose our relations we can, why would I just consider that someone who gave me birth are my parents, I have a right to treat many others like my parents, I can respect many others like my sisters, I might fulfill my responsibilities towards many other kids as I do mine, I should strengthen many brothers as I will do my own (But wife should be only one lol).

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those who showered me with their wishes and blessings on my birthday and kept me in their thoughts and prayers. I am really humbled and honored to enjoy this wonderful treasure of my life . I am sure you will keep showering more and more blessings on me and will strengthen me with your love and affection.

“”If you care, you will share “”


“Reward: How Important?”

Today’s article is inspired from a true success story of a common boy who came into this country with some little dream in his eyes and worked tirelessly with his passion to fulfill those dreams.

I am referring to my younger brother, Abhishek Grover, who has recently been awarded a brand new Mercedes for his extra-ordinary performance and success under Save Max banner. His reward made me write this article and gave me a reason to think, how much rewards are important in our life. We are naturally built to feel happy when we get appreciated and sad when criticized. Starting from our childhood rewards help to keep us motivated and contribute positively in our learning, either it is school, college, university, job, or day to day life.

I understand, appreciation makes us feel good, but in my opinion, criticism has its own role in our life. Appreciation makes us better, but criticism makes us the best. As long as we have an ability to understand and accept the criticism and improve upon our self as a human being. The biggest reward we have achieved from nature is that we are born as a human being who has the ability to work with his/her free will. All other creatures and creations of nature are not blessed with the ability of free will.

I can’t express in words about Abhishek’s feeling when I handed over the keys to him, but I can tell you that moment was special. That intensified my views that rewards make us feel proud on our actions and motivates us and others to do better in future.

I would like to congratulate Abhishek for his tremendous success, but would like to advise him to stay grounded if he wants to go further in life with better results.

The more you grow the humble you become. That’s the way to succeed.

Never forget to help others without self interest and that will make you a great human being which has more meaning than becoming successful materialistically.

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*Best place to Live on earth: My comfort Zone*

We all have so many dreams in our life which we want to live in Real Life. We have so many wishes which we want to fulfill. Someone loves car, someone has a dream destination to visit, for some dream home is just a dream. Every morning millions of people over crowd the world of thoughts and dump them in the universe in the evening. What do you think is the first thing you need to do to fulfill your wishes or realized your dreams?

Before we open the secret to ourselves, let’s understand something from a real life example.

During the winter what’s our most love-able activity. Majority people will have the answer, sitting in the blanket because that gives us comfort. For that comfort, we actually miss an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature in winter which many people keep dreaming. If we have to enjoy winter or we have to be successful, the weather should not be a challenge. We need to kick ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Just imagine, the best place to live on the earth is our comfort zone as we don’t want to challenge ourselves and feel quite comfy in our zone. We are afraid of looking beyond our comfort zone but all the real beauty is on the other side of fear. It’s very easy to challenge ourselves but we have to take an initiative to do it once , twice or thrice . After that it becomes a habit and you will always experience the best the moment you pull away yourself from the best place in the world : “Your Comfort Zone”


“The bitter truth of Success“

Success, this word sound so sweet and everyone loves it. Who doesn’t want to be successful in life? When we see any successful person, we wish to live his life. But is it really that sweet, actually no, there is a lot of bitterness in success. It’s not as sweet as it looks from outside. Only those will understand who have tasted the fruit of success.

There has been countless sleepless hours, millions of sacrifices, compromises with personal and family lives, fear of failures, disrespects , rejections , frustrations and many more of those unpleasant words and situation which a normal personal would hate to hear. There is heavy price which someone pays to be successful. Those people have lost many of his friends without any reason during the journey of success who thought that person has changed. Actually that person never changed his friend’s perception about him changed and they started thinking he has become successful and big and they left him. There are many sleepless nights, tearful moments where there was no cry at face but heart was broken and soul was crying. That success might have gone through a litmus test thousands of time and have tolerated the back stabbing of own people.

We normally think that successful people has lot of people in their surroundings whereas majority of the people who reached at top were actually felt very lonely. Lot many people get connected to you when you are successful but it becomes hard for you to determine their intentions.

“I will summarize this in one line… That overnight success took me 10 years of hard work”

Don’t hesitate to share your viewpoints or experience with others.


“Change and Decision Making”

Normally it doesn’t take me long time to think about any topic for writing but today’s topic was really taking long as wanted to write something totally different. I wanted to correlate 2 important things which is an integral part of any successful people. One is change and other one is decision making. Both go hand in hand and both are dependent upon each other as well but both of these factors are extremely important when it comes to getting success.

Let’s first talk about change. I have read somewhere if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will get what you have been getting in the past. To have something different, you have to do something different and that different is called change. As human beings we are wired to avoid change, we love to live in our comfort zone. You might have met people everyday who comes and tell you that I am so comfortable with what’s going on and want to have peace of mind. What they are telling you, I don’t want change. If you want to be successful than what you are today, you have to get out of your comfort zone and experiment something which you have never done.

Now let’s touch a bit about decision making as well. Decision is an action or process of deciding something or choosing an option from few available options. It is the most important aspect of life. We start this process as early as we are born and we have to keep doing until we die. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are making 100s and 1000s of decision every single day. On an average, we take approx 35,000 decisions every single day. Isn’t it interesting?

Did you ever realize that, I don’t think so. Every single thing of life is part of decision making like what time we have to wake up , what to eat , what to drink , what to wear , when to get out , which vehicle to use , which route to take to go to office , what to talk , how to walk and so on . The list keeps going on. There are few decisions which we don’t even realize as they have become part of our life. Now the important thing is there are decisions which are extremely important or I would say, big decisions.

Now how Decision making are change are inter related or correlated and how both these plays important role in our life. You might have heard that change is the only constant in life. It keeps happening. The most important decision we have to make in our day to day life is to accept the change or I would say let the change happen. As I have previously mentioned that we are wired to avoid the change but smart people always put resistance to themselves and push for change. This push for change is the decision which is always crucial and critical for someone’s life. If you realize and carefully watch your surroundings, every second a change is happening and every second there is a decision to make.

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Please feel free to send me some topics as it will help me to make a decision.

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“I like it but I won’t share“

A very simple and straight forward question to everyone. You read something good or learned something good somewhere and you like it. Did you ever imagine what if that person didn’t share his writing or learning with you, you would have missed something. Isn’t it. I am sure you understand where I am going.

If you read or learned something good, have a courage and time to share with others so that they can feel same good about you, as you felt good about someone else who shared his knowledge with you. I know many times we want to do few things but somehow don’t do it. Don’t stop yourself just because what others will think let them do their job of thinking. Listen to your inner conscious all the times, don’t fight and struggle with yourself. With time it will become a habit and you won’t be able to change it.

How I got to right this topic, last week I met more than 10 people who read these blogs and told me they wanted to share with others but were just skeptical that what others will think about them . My simple answer was if you like it and feel like sharing it, just do it. It’s not a big rocket science that you have to do over analysis. If you get a negative response from people, it’s your call either you want to continue sharing it or you can stop.

Few tips how you can do it.

1.   Read the article or any good material.

2.   Share on your wall with your own comments about the topic.

3.   Don’t forget to mention the writers name or give him a credit as he will feel good.

4.   In case if it’s my article or blog, don’t worry about giving any credits as I don’t mind people sharing and reading.

5.   Also encourage yourself to write something even if it’s small

6.   Most important, if you write something to advise others first implement it yourself. Otherwise, you will never be able to put an impressive content on the paper.

Let’s start from today and see how many of us share this with others.

If you care you will share…


“How are you ? Not Bad “

When I came to Canada as an immigrant, the most common thing I heard was “Not Bad“. Whenever you ask someone how are you? The most common Canadian answer is “Not Bad“. I am not sure how It might have started and who used it first. But my biggest concern was that why people don’t change it. Did you ever think that we are using two negative words in this? “NOT & BAD”. Both these words are negative words which really create negative vibes as well. So I thought that I will start using only positive words. When someone comes and ask me, how are you. I reply by saying, “Fantastic “. I have observed people’s reaction on it and everyone seems very happy with that word. By saying fantastic, I was sharing something energetic and powerful with them and could see a smile on other person’s face.

I will encourage you to do an experiment that next 10 people who comes and ask you , How are you , say “Not Bad “ to five out of those ten and say “Fantastic “ to rest five . Try to see how you feel and also how other person reacted to your answer. Then you might understand the power of using positive words in our day to day life. Our mind has a beautiful auto learning system. The way we feed our brain, the same way it learns. If we feed it with positivity that’s what it will return back to you and if we feed it with negativity, then it has no option than emitting negative vibes.

Can we all take a pledge that not only us will use only the positive words, but will also encourage others to do so…

I use Fantastic; you can choose your own positive word. It will be fantastic if you share your positivity with others and mention your positive word in comments.

If you care, you will share.


“Problem Solving: Leadership”

One of the most important qualities of a leader is problem-solving skills and a good leader will always come up with the best solution of any problem based on their analytical ability and situation assessment. Problems are part of a leader’s day to day life and a good leader will always maintain his cool and calm in every situation. 

It’s my personal experience, after a little while it becomes a necessity for a leader to have the problem as he/she starts enjoying the challenges which come with the problem. This is a part of the daily mental diet if someone wants to grow as a leader. As we always need some kind of bacterial or viral attack on the body which helps the body to create resistance, the same way we need an attack on the mind with the problem so that the mind can be trained or used to handle any kind of situation. The bigger the challenge or problem is, the more enjoyment it is for a leader.

This is one aspect of problem-solving but there is another side of it as well which most of the time people don’t realize as a quality of a leader. Sometimes we have to foresee the problem as well and by doing so we can manage a worse situation before it arises. It’s not only getting the best solution to a problem which makes a leader great but it’s also the farsightedness to assess the forthcoming problem. Again it’s like giving a vaccine to the body to avoid a future viral attack.

Now there is a third aspect of the problem as well which is above and beyond the thinking of a common man. Only a person who really understands the importance of problems in life can agree with me. I am sure you might have heard in medical science, where the body is introduced to the virus to ensure it can develop the resistance against that particular disease. In the same way, sometimes we have to induce the problem so that the system can be tested or strengthened. It’s like a mock drill for the fire in an office building to ensure everything in the system is working fine. As a leader sometimes the problems are induced to ensure to check the capabilities of the team.

I am sure these three different aspects of problem-solving might have given you a different aspect of your life. Don’t afraid of problems but focus on solutions in your life. Once you train your brain to do so, no one can stop you from tremendous success in your life.

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