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“I don’t do business with my friends & Family”

How many of us think this way that it’s not a good idea to do business with family and friends. I am sure majority of us think that way or practice this principal in our day to day life. Everyone have their own reason , some will say that we don’t want to ruin relation, some give the logic of not disclosing the personal information and some do so just because they don’t trust their friends and family members.

I am sure few of us will change their opinion after reading this article. I will share my personal experience of my life and proudly say that I happily and successfully dealt in my business with friends and family members. The simple reason for that was the person I dealt in my life became my friends and family after dealing. I always made sure to do business with them as I am doing that business for me and when you think that way, you never do wrong as per your best understanding. If you ever deal with your friends please ensure to deal them in a professional way and they will always be happy to do business with you.

Please ensure to give them assurance that their personal information will be well protected and you will always find a good client and business from their end. It’s always good to have clear terms and conditions rather than keeping the things in limbo or keeping the gray area in between. Friends and family are always easy to deal with if you ensure to deal it properly and make sure you do your best in terms of services and price. You have to be more careful and double professional when it comes to dealing in your own circle.

Especially in our field most of the time Realtors® are part timers and their own circle avoids them as they are not confident about their dealing and experience in the industry. Majority of the relationship gets ruined in lack of clarity and communication.

I am sure this will help you to understand this dynamics better and will help you to grow your business.

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Business Motivation Real Estate

***Have you reached your top Potential? Can’t grow more! ***

I am not sure if you ever get a chance to review yourself and look back to determine if you have reached at the top of your potential. We are so busy in what we are doing that we forget to take time out to determine our real potential either it’s personally, professionally or spiritually. I will give you a simple way to evaluate yourself. Take 15 min and start evaluating yourself on these 3 parameters in last 10 years, if you are not almost double or more than that, then you have not utilized your potential to full and there is lot more room to grow.

There is always a way to stretch yourself to the next level but we always undermine our potential and don’t utilize our full energy to take us to next level. The most important question comes, what stops you to reach at your top potential and the simple answer is our own mindset. Somehow we are wired to live in our comfort zone and our mind keeps pushing us to stay there. We are always afraid of taking any new initiative and challenge. You might have seen yourself and many people in your surroundings doing the same stuff from last 20 years. Just imagine if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result.

People never explore themselves and don’t like those mentors or leaders who would like to experiment. This happens more in well educated people as they think they know everything and doesn’t need to improve. We have become slave of our mind and circumstances, we always measure success with money not with learning new things. We live in a society where fear is losing is predominant on the joy of doing something new.

It happens to me as well but I will always fight with myself to have dominancy on my fearful thoughts. I would Love to be ignorant of risk of losing and keep experimenting new things as it helps me to explore my potential and reach at new heights every time . I want to ensure I grow personally, professionally and spiritually. There are simple ways of doing it, experiment new things and evaluate the results, Read good books and feel contented , meet new people and let them speak to learn from their experience, go to new places and feel the cosmic energy in that place and align your potential with it .

There is a famous saying that standing water always stink so please ensure to keep growing and keep doing new things. Life is not about how much money you collect; life is about how many moments you collect. Get out of the fear of failure, have an attitude of gratitude, live in present, forget past and don’t worry about the future. Never think that you have reached on your top potential as there is always someone bigger and better than you who should be your aim to become.

I am sure this article will help many to think, take out your fear and will give you another reason to explore your potential. Don’t forget to say thanks to someone, even if it’s me, if you get motivated for a new challenge of your life. As this thank will help you to learn attitude of gratitude. Before I teach you I would like to convey my thanks to those who help me to grow.

If you care you will share.

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***Hard Work and Blessings***

Last week I got an opportunity to meet more than 700 people in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Grand opening for our Edmonton office and many get together. It was really great experience to share our success story at many platforms. The most popular question was, “What made you successful? “

I don’t have to think twice to reveal the real ingredients of my success; it’s as simple as 2+2=4. I was asked the same question by media multiple times. In my opinion, if you have the combination of these 2 things, it’s more than enough to make you successful. **Hard work and blessings **. Off course these is no substitute to hard work in life but I think the most important ingredient is the blessings you carry in life.

A blessing has a lot of power and can change your destiny. I always try to collect as many blessings as I can from my friends, well Wishers, parents, grandparents and the most important blessings is from your wife (lol) . There is some secret formula to get blessings from your wife; you have to keep presenting her gold & diamond jewellery, purses and gifts. If you don’t have time to do those then please give her a credit card. Why this is important if you keep her busy in that, she will let you focus on your work and won’t disturb you much.

I understand there are many other factors which you might say are crucial for our success but have faith on my experience and work on these 2 things , I can assure you success . Collect as much blessings as you can and there is a simply way to do it. Keep doing well for others without any self interest. Life is too short; make the best use of it. Don’t regret on anything. In life either it’s a right decision or a learning. There is nothing which is called a wrong decision.

Promise me every day you will do something to have a beautiful treasure of blessings and life will be totally different for you.

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“What a Day in Alberta “

Yesterday I had spend one of the best day in my life and I would like to give full credit to our teams in Edmonton and Calgary. What an incredible day I have spent which started with some good book reading early morning, gym, good breakfast and then started the real action.

It was our office opening in Edmonton at 11am. Deepak picked me from hotel at around 10.30 and we reached at office by 10.50 am. I was on my foot for almost 5 hours and met more than 450 people who came to say congrats for the office opening. Guys it was not the no of people which amazed me, it was their warmth and love which made me stunned and I was feeling like someone has opened the whole sky and showering the blessings on us for our new venture. I haven’t experienced this kind of Welcome and Credit goes to a friend, brother and a wonderful human being Deepak Chopra for this commendable job. I was speechless with his networking, PR and relationship and felt proud on my decision to have him as our flag bearer in Edmonton. I am so excited to share the glimpse of all the pics with all of you.

***This was my message to team today early morning at 4 am ***

“I would like to congratulate Deepak, Himanshu, Rajat, Sakshi, Jatin, Manish, Irwin and special thanks to Kamal for putting great efforts to make this event such a grand success.

I can’t express my feelings in words but you guys have done a wonderful job and boosted my morale. Conducting an event with such an ease and high energy deserves a round of applause and kudos to our Leader Deepak who took the charge to make it happen. “

Then we drove to Calgary and there was another magical team waiting for me. Met some incredible people who were from the industry and some aspiring Realtors. It was such a great feeling to share about Save Max platform and share our vision and I could see flow of energy in every single individual. Big thanks to Deepak Manha and Arun for their whole hearted support. I am sure we will rule Calgary under their able leadership.

I want to mention a special person, who I felt like my younger brother, Rajat Bhatia, I have no words to express my feeling about this young lad. His attitude and approach towards life and business is second to none and I will explain him in simple words “You are the best Rajat“

I wish this type of day should be every single day of my life. I will share pics with you soon.


Good Teacher and Effective Teacher

The majority of us have our kids going to school. We are always concerned about our kid’s future especially when it comes to education. Every parent wants his kids to get the best education so that they can be successful in their life. We often ensure to have a good teacher for our kids. Did we ever think the reason why each student in the class has a different ranking, whereas the teacher is the same? Of course, the simple reason which we might think of that every student has a different IQ level and different intelligence. I want to draw your attention to another aspect of it which many times we might ignore. Every student in the class has its own character and has its own intelligence. Every student’s interest and way of understanding things vary from each other. But the teacher who is teaching them is using the same style of teaching on all of them.

Now, what happens if the Teacher style is suitable to someone they will well understand the subject and if not then they will lose interest. A good teacher is who can teach the class well in his/her own style but an effective teacher is the one who can teach every single student in their style. Same is the case apply in mentorship, as a mentor I will ensure that I help people in their learning style and will adapt myself according to the disciple. Everyone has its own way of learning, few are quick learners, few learn with an example, few understand no’s, few get motivated with rewards, few like perks, and so on. Everyone’s motivation is different and everyone has a different aspect of success.

 You as a mentor have to ensure to modify yourself as per their style in which they can learn the best. If you will adopt the same style on all of them, then your success rate will be totally dependent upon how many fall in that category of learning. But if you want to be the best teacher or mentor, you should be smart enough to understand each and everyone’s style of learning and change yourself accordingly. This is what I call effective teaching or mentoring.

 Don’t look for a good teacher; look for an effective one who can understand you and your learning style, and then you see your progress and success.

 I simply believe in one thing in my life, why should I try to change others, I would rather change myself which is much better and easier as I have better control on myself.

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