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“Success Criteria for Realtor®: My viewpoint”

I come across Realtor® everyday as it’s my profession and I have made it my passion for simple reason ,I feel i can do this best . I am trying to make myself better every single day and keep working on myself to strive for the best out of me. When I come across any Realtor during the interview or general interaction, without asking a straight question I try to identify their criteria of success for themselves. Sometimes I ask them why you wanted to Jon Real Estate. Sometime I ask what you want to become. And sometime what’s your ultimate goal? Majority I realized people measure their success with money, someone will say I want to make this much and that much .In my opinion there is nothing wrong in it and I understand that measuring success is monetary terms is a good criteria but to make that as top priority is my challenge. In my humble opinion the success in Real Estate should be measured on three criteria.

1. Personal Growth

2. Professional Growth

3. Financial Growth

Let’s have a brief discussion about all 3.

1. Personal Growth:

I always keep that as a top priority that if my profession or my work is giving me an opportunity to become a better person every single day and I am growing on this opportunity by every single day. Real Estate gives us that liberty to help our clients to fulfill their dreams of living in the house of their choice within their affordable range. It makes me the happiest person when I see someone living in their house especially first time home buyers. My profession gives me the liberty of time and money and it’s my choice how I utilize it and I have personally chosen to enjoy it to make other successful. I ensure to help as many people as I can, as it gives me internal happiness and make me more contented person. I always try to evaluate my success with my better being between yesterday and today. I also get a liberty to spend good amount of time by reading books as I have liberty of time in my profession.

2. Professional Growth:

My second criterion of success is evaluating myself on my professional excellence. Am I becoming a better professional in my field and contributing something to my profession to make it better for others. Is there anything new which I am learning each day and make sure to share the same with others. If you don’t get professional satisfaction, you will never ever achieve excellence in your field. I personally feel that this part someone can understand only if they make enough money to fulfill their basic needs with some exceptions which are always there in life. Many times you might have heard people saying make your passion your profession and you will be successful. I always say, Do what you are best to do and it will become your passion. Once you reach at that level, no one can stop you from touching the par excellence. Be a better person, be a better professional.

3. Financial Growth:

Now let’s talk about the criteria which is the top priority of majority in any profession but in my humble opinion this should not even be a criteria. As I strongly feel it’s a byproduct of your success. Only you strive for success and achieve it , money is supposed to be there. The challenge comes when we try to focus on by product and loose our focus on the core objective. Off course I am not neglecting the importance of money as it has a lot of power and can help you to achieve our goals in a much faster and shorter span of time. I understand that it’s a good criteria to measure your success quantitatively and can be easily tracked on day to day basis but making it a top priority will take you away from extreme success.

Now this is my opinion and my thought process. I would like to understand yours. Don’t hesitate to comment with your top priority which might help to learn something better or change my perspective of thinking.

If you care you will share.

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*** Transformation from a Realtor® to an Entrepreneur ***

Today’s life has really become artificial or I will say, fiction dominates more than a reality. In today’s world we admire more reel heroes than real life heroes. We admire more fictitious characters than people with character. But real is always real and original has its own charm.

Today I will share a true story of a hero in our Real Estate industry who is a real life hero. A true example of talent who spend more than a decade in industry but performed average as he was lacking the right platform and then his story of success in a short span of time , once he got the right platform . Our hero of this true story had some good talent and he was doing well in his career but the best was yet to come.

He knew he was doing well professionally but still felt there was something missing, there are chances of exploring his potential in a bigger and better way. He tried to figure out himself, looked for guidance and took advice from his so called mentors but nothing changed. It took him almost a decade and one fine day he dared to explore the opportunities. He was associated with so called a top brand of the industry but always performed little above average. It took him time to realize that he is either stagnate or going down in his career graph. He looked at his more than a decade career and couldn’t see himself an inch above than what he was 10 years before when he started his career. Sometime it happens in life that you hit the right place at right time. The same happened with hero of our story who was craving to do something different but was not able to do so. He was exploring himself and looking for a sharp knife which can help to sharpen his career and take him to the next level. On the other side, there was a platform which has its own unique characteristics and was creating success. That platform has its own criteria and always believed in hiring only brand new Realtors. When hero of our story was looking to explore, simultaneously they were also changing their thinking and was trying to explore the experienced talent from the industry keeping in view the fast growth.

As I said, sometimes you hit the right place at right time, our hero reached there to explore his potential. And that’s it, talent has reached at right platform and then rest is the history. He realized that this platform is the right place to explore his potential and the platform also felt that our hero is best suitable candidate to explore their new thought process of joining hands with experienced talent of the industry. Our hero , who was sometime performing average , sometime above average and was acting like a Realtor® for more than a decade started getting the feel soon that he has reached at the right place at right time . Off course there were initial hiccups of collaborations but both were willing to work out together and have positive mindset , both were adjusting themselves to help each other to work towards a vision and soon it became a deadly combination. Initial days our hero was also skeptical and platform was also adopting a careful approach as it was an experiment but finally it worked really well for both.

Once they overcome the initial collaboration challenges then started another success story of the industry. Our hero who was always revolving between 20-25 transactions a year and was just working like a Realtor® for more than a decade, he was transformed first into a successful Realtor® and crossed 500,000 GCI in a short span of little over 1 year, simultaneously he was learning the art of leading the team under direct supervision of his mentor who was working tirelessly to ensure to explore the real talent of our hero. Soon our hero, who just got the missing piece of his puzzle of success, also worked hard to ensure his genuine contribution towards the success of his career and growth of the platform. The story which started with an experiment from both sides transformed into a team leader who will manage more than 100 million annual sales volumes and will successfully lead a team of 10 more professionals like him to shape their career to next level. He is targeting to become an entrepreneur with next 12 months and will own a partnership in the brand in a short span to little over 2 years of this tenure with this unique platform.

I am sure you all can very well guess which platform I am talking about but let me introduce you to hero of our story who is none other than Naveen Chatrath .

I would like to congratulate Naveen for his real success and am sure he will be a proud partner of our brand in a short span of time. His story is an inspiration for many others who are craving to be successful but lack right platform. What do you think our hero had the same talent earlier, he was working hard as well but it is so important for any talent to perform to have the right platform and work with some vision under an active mentor and then you will realize your real potential? A diamond is just a piece of coal until it reaches to right jeweller who cleans its dirt and give the right cut to get the real diamond .

One thing which we have to learn from this story is that you have to get out and seek guidance to explore the right platform for your talent otherwise you will keep wasting your valuable time as hero of our story did for almost a decade . I can only advise you , you are the one who has to take an action as it’s your life and your career .

If you see yourself and feel that story of our hero Naveen Chatrath is like yours, then it’s easy for you to make a choice. May be your are the next hero of my story.

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“A problem is never a problem“

One fine evening, In a high end fine dine restaurant, there were many families who were enjoying the delicious food. All was going very well until a lady saw the cockroach in her food plate. She really got scared, the moment she saw the cockroach and couldn’t understand what to do. She picked her plate and throw away. The plate went onto another table and cockroach fell on another lady there. The moment she saw the cockroach, she screamed and thrown it away which went on another person and within few minutes the same cockroach was all over the restaurant, as everyone was throwing it away on others . The whole restaurant was a mess and there were dishes everywhere and everyone was screaming. The chef heard the loud noises and he came outside from the kitchen. Quickly he realized about the cockroach, very calmly he went there, picked up the cockroach and throw it away in the garbage and apologized to all the guests. Everything was back in order in few minutes.

What do you think was the problem? Many people will come with an answer that cockroach was the problem. It was not the cockroach who was the problem, it was the inability of people to handle the cockroach, was the problem. The chef had an ability to handle the cockroach with cool and calm mind and he resolved the issues within few mins.

The same thing happens in our life, it is not actually the problem which is a real issues but it’s our inability to handle those problems. Problems in life are like cockroach in this story. They will fall on you all of a sudden, from anywhere and if you will keep throwing the problems on others who don’t know how to handle them, it will always create a mess out there. If you will take the charge yourself with cool and calm mind or have ability to identify right person who knows how to handle the problem, then only you can resolve it. If you are under the misconception of your life that you will not have problems while you are on a path to success then you are living in a fool’s paradise.

Please ensure to make yourself capable to identify the right problem and handle it with cool and calm mind, if you are able to manage it in that way, you will never have any problems which you feel are bothering you . You will start enjoying solving the problems.

Morale of the story whenever you face any problem, give your mind a message that it’s a cockroach and I have the ability to handle this cockroach. I assure you, you will start looking at life with different perspective and your level of success will be totally changed.

If you like this cockroach story, don’t hesitate to put your comments on it. If you think you got benefitted from this, spread the benefit to others by sharing it. That’s how we make the world a better place.

If you care, you will share.

***A Problem is never a problem, it’s our inability to handle it, is the problem. ***


I am not biased and I am not a liar but I am (Unconscious Biased)

I am damn sure that we meet those personalities who say I have never lied in my life and proudly claims that I have never been biased in my life and have done everything perfect way. I feel so uncomfortable when someone says he/ she has never lied, as this statement itself is a lie. Yes I do agree that they might have not lied as much as a normal person does but might have done many times which they themselves might not realize. But the bigger challenge, I see in that, these people are far away from reality and don’t understand the practicality or reality of their own life. Same happens to us when it comes to becoming unbiased towards any situation or person. Every person has some preconceived notions or their own belief system on which they keep working and many times in our life we become biased towards any particular person or situation which we don’t even realize .

The act which we do without our own self realization is called unconscious and I am sure if you put your thoughts deep down to that action, you will always realize that you used a biased approach. If you ask me the same questions that did I ever lie or was I ever biased. Yes, my answer could be a no to you but is that the reality of life or is that the true fact. I would simply say no, that’s not the fact. I might not have realized that I lied or I used a biased approach.

Many times I become biased to talent and give advantage to that person who I might feel is talented. But not only that I might have become biased at my personal front in my family and would have given advantage to someone who is more close to me. There is nothing wrong in this, as we all are human beings and this is a natural process and general functioning of our system. I am not encouraging to say lies or become biased, but we should try to avoid as much as we can.

Now the most important question comes that why we do unconscious bias. Everyone has their own beliefs based on their cultural values & experiences of life. When our brain has to make a decision and it’s bombarded with the information, the unconscious mind tries to find a short cut to make the decision and that decision is based on our beliefs, cultural values and experiences and without even realizing we become biased to a particular person or situation without putting too much of rationale. As I mentioned there is nothing wrong in it but we can always improve the situation by training our mind to be more rationale and can reduce the unconscious bias.

I am sure this topic will help you to become more practical and will make you think twice before you say that I have never lied and I am not biased.

If you care you will share

** Special thanks to a wonderful friend, a great person, a very logical personality and above all an amazing soul , my lovely friend Vipul Shah who suggested to write on this topic .

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“How to find Trustworthy people”

What is the biggest challenge of life? People always say that you need food, clothing & shelter to survive but I think there is a fourth aspect as well that you need good and trust worthy people in your surroundings to survive. The biggest challenge comes how to identify that trust worthy people. We are born with some inbuilt qualities and then we have been trained unconsciously to distrust people.

Try to remember when you were kid what your parents told you. You had strict instructions not to talk to strangers and don’t take anything from an unknown person to eat and the same things we conveyed to our kids. This is calling it as an unconscious message which we are passing to our generations not to trust on people. Why we do so, why we take away the opportunity from a kid to interact with others.

The simple reason is we are afraid that they might get a bad person who can harm them. But don’t you think, out of thousand, there might be one bad person and we are taking away the opportunity from a kid to interact with other 999 good people. We have to change our way of training, rather than telling him not to interact with everyone, we should teach him how to identify a bad one which is more meaningful. We are wired to start our relationship with distrust and believe that it takes time to build the trust. That’s not right; we should start our relationship with full trust and let other person prove he that he is not trust worthy.

I have made some simple rules to live my life and identify people.

1. I start my dealing with anyone with 100% trust and give them a chance to prove that they are not trustworthy by their actions. By doing this you will always find trust worthy people to start with and will keep deleting those who are not worth

2. If someone is not good with parents and don’t respect them, don’t trust on that person. Simple rule if he/she couldn’t be his own parents, he won’t be yours

3. If someone is not good with his/her brothers and sisters, better not to trust on him/her.

4. Anyone who had old friends, you can trust him.

5. Always watch someone’s action not the words. If the word doesn’t match with actions, better be careful.

If someone doesn’t respect his parents and siblings, just think how that person can be good and trust worthy as he couldn’t respect those who brought him into this world. A good person is known by his old friends. It is not like they never had fights, arguments and problems with friends and family, it means that they have lives together even after those problems and challenges which shows general understanding of life and respecting opinion of others. That person has an ability to live with imperfect people as there is no one perfect in this world.

Life is simple and easy if you have good people in your surroundings. Let’s start our relationships with trust and let other persons prove their trustworthiness.

If you care you will share

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“I don’t do business with my friends & Family”

How many of us think this way that it’s not a good idea to do business with family and friends. I am sure majority of us think that way or practice this principal in our day to day life. Everyone have their own reason , some will say that we don’t want to ruin relation, some give the logic of not disclosing the personal information and some do so just because they don’t trust their friends and family members.

I am sure few of us will change their opinion after reading this article. I will share my personal experience of my life and proudly say that I happily and successfully dealt in my business with friends and family members. The simple reason for that was the person I dealt in my life became my friends and family after dealing. I always made sure to do business with them as I am doing that business for me and when you think that way, you never do wrong as per your best understanding. If you ever deal with your friends please ensure to deal them in a professional way and they will always be happy to do business with you.

Please ensure to give them assurance that their personal information will be well protected and you will always find a good client and business from their end. It’s always good to have clear terms and conditions rather than keeping the things in limbo or keeping the gray area in between. Friends and family are always easy to deal with if you ensure to deal it properly and make sure you do your best in terms of services and price. You have to be more careful and double professional when it comes to dealing in your own circle.

Especially in our field most of the time Realtors® are part timers and their own circle avoids them as they are not confident about their dealing and experience in the industry. Majority of the relationship gets ruined in lack of clarity and communication.

I am sure this will help you to understand this dynamics better and will help you to grow your business.

If you care you will share.


“I will not express myself“

I have started writing this blog from last few months and whenever I am going to any social and professional gathering, someone comes and acknowledges that they are reading the blogs. When I hear that its helping them to start their day in a great way and they feel good and motivated in the morning. Why I am sharing all this experience with you, as I want to convey the message that sometime with our small gesture we can make a difference in someone’s life.

For few that difference could be life changing as well. We are living in a world where effective communication has become a challenge. When we are communicating with someone face to face, the person can see our gesture, body language and can feel the words. But when we communicate through some medium like email or text message, then the message is perceived as it is understood by the person who is reading it . I always say, email is read the way it is perceived by the reader. We have to be very careful when putting words in writing.

Yesterday I asked from my readers if they would like to suggest any topic and many came forward with their wonderful suggestions. I really liked the topic and it made me think that why others didn’t put their suggestions. It’s not like they didn’t want to and I can guarantee that there might be many others who started thinking about the topic and had something in their mind but they never expressed themselves, could be various reasons, sometime we feel shy, sometimes it’s laziness and sometimes it’s just like that.

My humble submission, if you like someone doing something, takes an inspiration from that and also do something who can make others feel good. It’s always good to come up with a new idea of doing the things but until you don’t get the new idea , you can simply copy what someone else is doing and try to play your part in the place, city, country you are living . There is nothing wrong to express yourself as long as you know how to do it in a respectful way. Every single person can make a difference in the world, don’t wait for others to do it, someone has to start, why not me.

I am really thankful to those who send their recommendation on Face book and in personal message. I will write about all the topics with a special thanks note with the name of the person who suggested the topic. Until you get the courage to be expressive and write of your own, don’t hesitate to share mine. If you like it and feel good with it, someone else may need it to start his/her day with a difference.

If you care, you will share.


***Being complacent & Being Overwhelmed ***

This topic is on the special request from our dynamic Realtor® Pranali Talsania who is part of Save Max Dream home. A special thanks to her for her suggestion.

In my career of more than a decade, I have mentored 100s of Realtors® and have observed 1000s. I have seen many new Realtor who achieved success and many who left the profession. On the other side there are many who reached on a peak in their career but lost track after that. First we will touch being complacent and then we will talk being over whelmed.

Humans are designed to be complacent, if you will keep doing the same thing again and again, you will start feeling boredom with that or in other words you become too comfortable and take things for granted. Many Realtors® who have 4-5 years experience can second my opinion on this, when they started their career, their enthusiasm was on such a high level to deal with any and every clients, slowly slowly we become selective in our business and many times we ignore little challenging business. We start thinking or I would say we start satisfying ourselves that we want to deal with only selected clients.

Of course there is nothing wrong in it but somehow we miss an important part of it that we are leaving the same business which we used to happily do it few years before. We don’t understand that someone else will do that business and our client will go in their network and all the future business will go to that person who helped the client when he needed the most. Not only that when we get a little success , we become complacent in doing the basic activities and start feeling that oh I have been so successful , why should I still do the basic job and that’s where we put ourselves into trouble . Slowly slowly we start losing ground on our business territory and then comes the time when we start going down.

There are simple solutions to overcome complacency in our business.

1. Never forget the basics of business. Stay grounded

2. Please ensure to replace yourself after every 2-3 years and have your back up.

3. Train your predecessor who can handle the business which you will not be able to do because of your busyness.

4. Always take out yourself from your comfort zone.

5. Keep watching your performance and when you feel you are going down or about to go down, start following the basics of the business.

6. Never hesitate to take help from your mentor as he/she might have gone through that phase and can help you to overcome fast.

7. Learn from other people experience, one life is too short to make all the mistakes.

Being Overwhelmed, I think this is an another interesting topic to discuss. Keeping in view that reader don’t lose the interest as it will be too big to read , I will pen down my opinion on this tomorrow .

Once again thanks to Pranali for bringing this topic and special thanks to all others who send their suggestions for topic, I will cover all of them one by one.

If you care, you will share.

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***Have you reached your top Potential? Can’t grow more! ***

I am not sure if you ever get a chance to review yourself and look back to determine if you have reached at the top of your potential. We are so busy in what we are doing that we forget to take time out to determine our real potential either it’s personally, professionally or spiritually. I will give you a simple way to evaluate yourself. Take 15 min and start evaluating yourself on these 3 parameters in last 10 years, if you are not almost double or more than that, then you have not utilized your potential to full and there is lot more room to grow.

There is always a way to stretch yourself to the next level but we always undermine our potential and don’t utilize our full energy to take us to next level. The most important question comes, what stops you to reach at your top potential and the simple answer is our own mindset. Somehow we are wired to live in our comfort zone and our mind keeps pushing us to stay there. We are always afraid of taking any new initiative and challenge. You might have seen yourself and many people in your surroundings doing the same stuff from last 20 years. Just imagine if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result.

People never explore themselves and don’t like those mentors or leaders who would like to experiment. This happens more in well educated people as they think they know everything and doesn’t need to improve. We have become slave of our mind and circumstances, we always measure success with money not with learning new things. We live in a society where fear is losing is predominant on the joy of doing something new.

It happens to me as well but I will always fight with myself to have dominancy on my fearful thoughts. I would Love to be ignorant of risk of losing and keep experimenting new things as it helps me to explore my potential and reach at new heights every time . I want to ensure I grow personally, professionally and spiritually. There are simple ways of doing it, experiment new things and evaluate the results, Read good books and feel contented , meet new people and let them speak to learn from their experience, go to new places and feel the cosmic energy in that place and align your potential with it .

There is a famous saying that standing water always stink so please ensure to keep growing and keep doing new things. Life is not about how much money you collect; life is about how many moments you collect. Get out of the fear of failure, have an attitude of gratitude, live in present, forget past and don’t worry about the future. Never think that you have reached on your top potential as there is always someone bigger and better than you who should be your aim to become.

I am sure this article will help many to think, take out your fear and will give you another reason to explore your potential. Don’t forget to say thanks to someone, even if it’s me, if you get motivated for a new challenge of your life. As this thank will help you to learn attitude of gratitude. Before I teach you I would like to convey my thanks to those who help me to grow.

If you care you will share.

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***Hard Work and Blessings***

Last week I got an opportunity to meet more than 700 people in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Grand opening for our Edmonton office and many get together. It was really great experience to share our success story at many platforms. The most popular question was, “What made you successful? “

I don’t have to think twice to reveal the real ingredients of my success; it’s as simple as 2+2=4. I was asked the same question by media multiple times. In my opinion, if you have the combination of these 2 things, it’s more than enough to make you successful. **Hard work and blessings **. Off course these is no substitute to hard work in life but I think the most important ingredient is the blessings you carry in life.

A blessing has a lot of power and can change your destiny. I always try to collect as many blessings as I can from my friends, well Wishers, parents, grandparents and the most important blessings is from your wife (lol) . There is some secret formula to get blessings from your wife; you have to keep presenting her gold & diamond jewellery, purses and gifts. If you don’t have time to do those then please give her a credit card. Why this is important if you keep her busy in that, she will let you focus on your work and won’t disturb you much.

I understand there are many other factors which you might say are crucial for our success but have faith on my experience and work on these 2 things , I can assure you success . Collect as much blessings as you can and there is a simply way to do it. Keep doing well for others without any self interest. Life is too short; make the best use of it. Don’t regret on anything. In life either it’s a right decision or a learning. There is nothing which is called a wrong decision.

Promise me every day you will do something to have a beautiful treasure of blessings and life will be totally different for you.

If you care you will share