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“It’s good my wish is not fulfilled”

You might be thinking why I am being so happy that my wish has not come true. I am sure we all keep wishing many things in our life on each day, every hour, and every minute. Did you ever imagine what if all the wishes, what you have thought of, get fulfilled? Don’t you think it would put your life into a big jeopardy and have created more troubles for you? I think you are still not convinced with me and still thinking otherwise.

Let’s just take a minute and try to recall few wishes and see how much happy or comfortable you are that they are not fulfilled. Many times we get bad thoughts in our mind and they are also part of our wishes which we don’t realize. I understand we really feel bad at the time when we don’t get something as we wish but for sure later realize that non fulfillment of our wish was better for us .

Its human nature and we as human beings are supreme creation of nature. Only humans have the power of free will in this world and we carry one of the most complex analogies in our biological system. As per my little knowledge, I think the mankind knows only a fraction about the universe and there is still lot of knowledge needs to be discovered by science. But what I learned with my little knowledge that there is powerful force which can create wonders in the world is our thoughts. Thoughts have such a powerful force that it can change the whole world and we carry an immense form of energy within ourselves which we don’t realize many a times and majority finish their whole life by utilizing a fraction of it .

We need to have better control on our thoughts and always try to be thankful to what we have rather than having the regret of what we don’t have. If we don’t have something, then it’s for our betterment. What we had that which we think we deserve but actually we don’t. In that case for sure we would have created some trouble not only for ourselves but also for others. This is the hard fact of life that works has more problems from those people who have good intentions and they created those challenges with good intentions not only for themselves but for others as well.

I am sure you are still not fully convinced with my logic. I will suggest you to do a little experiment and request you to write your top 10 wishes today. Keep them with you and open it after 1 month, 3 month and 6 month. At that time you might see that you are happy that some of them are not fulfilled. This is what life is. But we as human beings are always in rush to achieve everything without thinking if we are ready to handle that much or not. It’s same like a small over enthusiastic kid start handling a big machine without realizing that it’s much bigger than his physical capabilities and for sure you can well understand that he will crash the machine because of his inability to handle it.

Start saying thanks when any of your wish is not fulfilled and move on in life for betterment of yourself and others.

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“Choose your battle field“

In our life, we get so many options that sometime It becomes very challenging to make the right decision or it may be simply very confusing to choose the right option among so many available alternatives. Smart people always believe in making a decision rather than making a right decision. They first evaluate the available options and then quickly choose one and put all their power and force behind to ensure to make that decision correct. Many times when there is certain option which seems to be equally good then it becomes the real challenges. At that point of time, we should consider the option which makes a long term impact on the outcome. We have to make sure we choose our battlefield right.

I will explain you with a real life example of mine to elaborate it more. I was talking to one of my colleague who was trying to explain me that one of our competitions is trying to do this and that. He was advising me to respond him in his own language. I had my own logic to that. I started my career as a Realtor. At one point of time in my life, I had to make a call that either I keep fighting on the battleground as a Realtor or I work towards my long term objective of growing my brand and strengthen it country wide and then worldwide. What if I kept fighting with local Realtors and would have spent my whole energy in that. I understood that I might loose some business but that was a deliberate choice to work towards a long term objective. Majority times we don’t make that sacrifice and people get stuck emotionally with the short term loss rather than aiming for the long term gain. That’s where a true entrepreneur steals the show and ensures to focus on long term objective.

Losing a small battle is a deliberate choice to win the war and that’s what I always believe in. Though it’s always good that if you have artillery and ammunition to hold the small battle ground as well , deploy it there with an intention to minimize the damage but always focus on winning the war .

In life there will be many unforeseen circumstances which will make you confuse, will shake you, will try to hold you back but as a true fighter we have to hold our battle ground until our last attempt to be successful. It’s always good to plan to the best extent but when it comes to the execution then please ensure to flow with stream. As everything is not going to happen the way we planned so it’s always better to be ready for the surprise. The bigger your system is , the more will be surprises . If you have a very confined and small

things to manage, off course it will come with less surprises.

Especially if you are in the business world, this thing matters a lot that which battlefield you choose to fight. In today’s highly competitive atmosphere, the variables are changing every single day, technology has brought the revolution in every industry and competition has gone to a level where you have to sharpen your skills every single minute just to sustain yourself in the market. But if you want to become the industry leader, it’s very challenging and retaining the position is even more challenging. But I personally always consider that good competition brings the best out of you , as long as you understand not to run the blind race of being no 1 . Please ensure to work towards putting your best and leave the worry of the outcome. You are not competing with others; your competition is with yourself to make you better than what you were yesterday. Learn from others and respect the talent, doesn’t matter if that talent is acting as your competitor.

At the end it’s your fight , please ensure to choose your battlefield which suits the best to you , give your best to your battlefield , if you win , win graciously , if you loose , stand up and look if you have your best attempt , appreciate yourself for that and prepare yourself for the next battle to win .

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“Top Ten Realtors in Brokerage”

Recently I was analyzing the data for the Real Estate and came across an interesting fact. In majority of the brokerages, the top ten Realtors are doing good business and after that on an average the no of transactions were approx 5. The more surprising fact which I realized even the top 10 Realtors, the average no of transactions were 15-20 at the Max with few exceptions where the no of transactions goes beyond 40-50. But those are very few cases.

Before we go further deep down to it, let me share an interesting fact of life with you. Your level of success is determined by your surroundings. The same person who is a hero when he is among common public, can become zero when he is surrounded by the equivalent or better talent. To elaborate it more, let’s say you are seeking an admission in a university and you choose to go for the institution where the cut out mark for admission is 70% and your score is 80%. You will be considered as a topper there and will get the welcome like a hero. But just imagine what will happen to your heroism, if with the same percentage, you try to get an admission in other university where the cut out marks are 90% or above. Unfortunately you won’t even get an admission there, forget about the warm welcome.

The same happens in life especially in Real Estate. If you are working in a Brokerage where the average no of deals are 5-10 and you are doing 20, you are a top Realtor, as compared to, if you are working in a brokerage where average no. of transactions is 30 or more, by doing 20, you are an average performer. Now the million dollar question comes, then why we choose that brokerage. The simple reason is, our comfort zone. It’s a human nature that we are afraid of developing a high level of competence, as it needs a lot of hard work, sacrifice and of course inconvenience to mind and body. We become so used to that comfort zone that we don’t want to join a competitive atmosphere. The other biggest reason is our surroundings and our friends and family members who always preach us to stay in our comfort zone and become a hindrance from exploring our real potential.

Recently I met with a Realtor at my office, which was making 250K as gross commission and he was one of the top Realtor in his Brokerage. He was so happy and overwhelmed with his success and was boasting about his accolades, awards and trophies which he was getting from his brokerage as one of the top agent. I patiently listened to him for almost 15 minutes and then I shared the average performance of Realtors in Save Max where more than 20 people out of a team of 50 made more than 500 K as gross commission and won a Mercedes car from the brokerage with an exception of few who touched a 7 figure income. The best beauty that majority of these Realtors are an average 3 years of experience in Real Estate. After getting this information, he was feeling that he is not even an average performer as per our standards.

This is all about the atmosphere where you work. If you are working in a non competitive work place, with an average performance, you can become a hero but in a highly competitive place, you really need to be the best to reach on top. But as I mentioned, we love our comfort zone and try to keep giving our logic. The same thing this gentleman was trying to do and giving me logic that he is better off making 250 K as he is working on a low split of 90/10 as compared to 50/50 split of Save Max. I was so surprised with his mindset that without having the right information, he was working on the assumptions of life. When I furthered explained him about his expenses which he was incurring to make that 250K, as compared to expense sharing model of Save Max, where company spend all the money to conduct day to day business operations including staging , advertisements , sign boards and so on. Not only that when I showed the career path which he could never realize in his existing brokerage, finally he understood the no’s and future prospects. I can understand it was not an easy decision for him as work against the taboo in his mind but can assure that his final decision to join Save Max will change his career path in coming 1-2 years.

There are thousands of examples of those Realtors who are stuck up in their mind set and feel satisfied as top performers without realizing they are working in a non competitive brokerage which is the biggest hindrance to explore their potential to the fullest. Also they have to understand that there is no consistency in their performance, even that 250K is fluctuating and every time it’s going up and down. When it’s a good market they will make money and when it’s bad, they won’t. The simple reason that they are not working on a proven system and their success come by chance only. If they are working in a system, their performance will be stable and they will always look towards growth and a stable career in the industry. I have seen many Realtors who reached on top after working hard for 2-3 years and then had no further way to grow as they were lacking the direction and mentor-ship. Now if they don’t have a vision to grow then you can well understand what will happen. They have no choice to be stable or go down on performance. They didn’t work on to build a system for them and their success was totally dependent on their own presence. If they have to go out for vacation, all their business was on hold.

****P.S : Lastly my humble submission to all those Realtors to please stay in their comfort zone and don’t look for the competitive place to work, as it will help us to grow further and will help team Save Max to do more and more business and keep growing . ****

Wish you good luck for your future. You will understand what I said after 3-4 years of success when your career graph will start going down and then it will be too late for you.

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“Should we run after more and more success”

I was talking to one of my friend who I always admire for his passion and success which he has created in his field. He is very contented with what he has done. He got another opportunity where someone approached him to take his business to the next level. He was not considering that as his logic was, life is cool and I am doing pretty well. I don’t think we need to grow more or add more. I respectfully understood his logic and I am sure many of us are in the same stage of life where we feel contented and ease off ourselves with the same logic.

I have a little different opinion on this. My point was that in case we are successful, it means that we are blessed and chosen one to take more responsibility and accountability. I can understand that I have reached on a level of success in my business and can easily stop myself and be in my comfort zone. But if I have been blessed with a talent then I should work hard to create more opportunities and help others to generate more and more jobs. If I have zeal and passion to grow that doesn’t mean I am not contented. If I want to attain more success that doesn’t mean I am greedy for money. I think we have to set our opinions straight and be honest and fair to ourselves. I have seen many times people talk about money as it’s a sin to be rich. And they are the one who are most money minded. There is nothing wrong to have an aspiration to be successful, to be rich, to expand more and more, and to leave an impression on the whole world rather than one city.

If you have been chosen by the God or nature and are gifted with a talent that makes you successful, that means you have been also given a responsibility to help others to make their life better by creating more jobs for them. I don’t think you can do any better charity than to create a job or work for someone, as it changes the life of more than 50 people who are attached to that individual. It will make their life better. Just think what charity you can do, you can serve food to hungry, give medical treatment to sick people, and give clothes and shelter to needy. In case you create a job for that individual, he can take care of all these. I am sure you will come up with logic that there are many people who don’t want to do a job or are not capable of doing so. It’s better for us to do some other charity of food, clothing, shelter and medical.

In my humble opinion, we don’t need to change the whole world, let’s start one by one, Help one and move onto another one. I am not the only one on whom the whole world is dependent so let’s play our part in life and whatever we can do with our best capabilities and capacity, let’s do that. But let’s not undermine our potential and be at ease that I have done enough. If there is another opportunity explore it, if you can make yourself better, do it and if you have an opportunity to grow more than what you are today, explore it. May be you are able to help more people. A friend this is my opinion and it’s not necessary for you or anyone to agree with my thought process.

The same way I want you to respect my opinion, I will respect yours and we always can walk away happily with an agreement on disagreement.

Keep shining, keep growing, stay happy and healthy.

“Real success can be achieved by helping others and that’s what I try to do and will keep doing until my last breath. That’s the real purpose of my life.”

Raman Dua

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“Vision: An art to imagine”

This topic is on a special request by a person who I consider as my role model in my life. Before we talk about the topic, I will share a small story with you.

Many years back I was approached by someone for an appointment to sponsor some event. I called the person at my office with a thought in my mind that there are many people conduct events to make money, and to attract people, they put forward name of any charitable organization so that people feel they are doing some charitable work and that’s how they make event successful and make money for them. Anyway, I invited the person to meet at my office. A young girl with an innocent face and a divine aura was sitting in front of me at my office. When she started talking and sharing her purpose to conduct the event, I did not believe that how someone cans in that age can think of encouraging people and that too in south Asian community, for the organ donation where it’s a big taboo about this topic.

People don’t even want to talk about organ donation as they believe in reincarnation and want to ensure they are born with all organs in next life. I was stunned to know that someone can have courage to fight the society and make it as a mission of her life to encourage people for this and that too without any self interest. That thought gave a chilling hit to my spine and I assured the person to support her mission for whole of my life. The simple reason for that was I am not that courageous to work selflessly for any cause and if someone has done that courage, attests I can extend my whole hearted support. I have no shame in admitting the fact that all our actions are business driven and there is a core objective of business so even if we are doing something good, it is not selflessness. We are selfish people and try to find business even in any charity or help to others. But someone and that took a female and that too from South Asian community, just imagines how many taboos of the society she was fighting against, is doing an act of kindness without any self interest. I thought if I don’t support her, which will be a shame of my life.

That day, which was almost a decade before and until today, I tried with my utmost sincerity to support her cause. I know I was not up to the mark but I always tried and also encouraged my kids, my family and my team to contribute a little whatever we were capable of and tried to support her mission.

You all might be thinking who that person is , who is this hero of our society which you might not even know , who is that common man or woman spreading warmth in this cold country . Friends let me disclose the secret and introduce Loveen Gill , a small town girl , a beautiful friend , a loving family woman , a role model , a hero , a great leader and above all a great human being who I always admire and look towards as my role model . I wish we have more power houses like her in our society and world will be much better place.

I know you all might be thinking that we have deviated so much from the topic but I think we didn’t. In a message yesterday, she asked me to write about vision and how do I set my focus of looking beyond horizon. Friends that’s how I envision , I keep my eyes, ears and brain open and look for those heroes, when I see them , I try to dig deep down into their heart and soul and try to learn from them . It helps me to open up my brain to broaden my vision. I try to copy them and use their abilities and become selfish to expand my business. I see they are getting happiness by helping others, I follow their quality and try to help others in my business and that makes me successful. I see they are acting like a leader to run a bandwagon for their mission; I learn leadership from them and use the same in my business. I see their courage and kindness for a mission and I follow them. So it’s very simple to have the vision and look beyond horizon that have a open mind to follow these leaders as they have the vision , they have the courage , they have the leadership and they have the capacity and capabilities to look above and beyond horizon and that’s what I do to expand my horizon .

A salute from “Dil Se “to Loveen Gill, a small town girl who is our hero.

If you care you will share.

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“How to become a Hero”

Yesterday I wrote an article about a real life hero Dr. Arvind and shared his story which is all about passion, compassion and empathy. Many people commented on the social media, send me text messages and called me on phone to say good words and appreciate his efforts to make a difference in the society. It made me think that how each one of us can become a real life hero. Every son or daughter see their parents especially dad as a hero of their life. Little kids, when they watch any cartoon or movie and they see any hero doing some courageous act or some good deed, they look towards their dad and ask him to enact the same in real life. There is a famous saying if you want your kids to learn something, don’t tell them and show them by doing so. Now comes the million dollar question, how can a common man become a hero.

When we all see the movies, read books or do surfing on the internet, we come across many reel life and real life heroes and admire their act of kindness or bravery. We always think deep in our heart & brain and come with a wishful thinking of becoming like them. Becoming a reel life hero is very difficult as there is a cut throat competition and you have to have an ability to act like others but becoming a real life hero is as easy as you have to act like your true self which anyone is born to do the best. Just imagine how easy it is to act like your true self as you know the best about you . The challenge comes when we try to change our self and want to look like or behave like others and by doing so we lose our natural self which nature has given us a gift. We don’t have to do much to become a hero, just be our natural self , have a feeling of understanding others , try to learn to feel the pain of others , do good acts of kindness and above all just become a good human being.

All this is good enough to make you a hero of the society. We just have to listen to our inner conscious which will always guide you in the right direction. Initially it becomes very hard and people think I can’t be the good person in this world as everyone else is not good. It’s not like that, it’s our thought process, and this is what we think. If you start thinking that whole world is full of good people, you will start getting every single good person on your way of life. Even if you think you have to change the world and make it a good place, why to start from others, start from yourself and then see how people will follow you. We keep waiting for others to become good first and then we will be. Just think about a small conversation which we implement in our day to day lives, we normally say to others, you do good to me and I will do good to you. Why don’t we say that first I will do well to you?

Every one of us wants our kids to be the best, and raise them to become heroes of this world. Did you ever think that you parents might have thought the same? They also wanted their kids to become the heroes of the society. Why don’t we fulfill their dreams first and show to our kids with our action and then it will become so easy to teach them how to become the heroes.

Let’s do some random acts of kindness, let’s try to help someone who need us, let’s try to feed someone who is hungry, let’s try to teach someone who can’t afford studies, let’s try to help someone to get a job who has no work , let’s try to clean our street , let’s try to spread some good word about someone who has done good for the society , let’s think about others and make this world a great place to live . It’s so easy to become a hero as you just have to act your real self which you are born with. Don’t try to be other to impress others, impress you.

I am sure after reading this article; at least one person will change his /her thought process and become a true yourself.

If you care, you will share

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A common man: Our Hero”

Hi folks,

Today I would like to share a story of passion, compassion, empathy and a dreamer who dared to dream against all the odds. A story of a common man who is a real life hero. A story which left an ever lasting impression not only on mind but on my soul.

Before I start my story let me ask you something:

Would you dare to leave a comfortable life of western world and move back to a small town?

Can you dare to leave more than one and half decade career as a successful professional

And choose a struggling life to help others?

Can you dare to convince your wife and 3 small kids to sacrifice a life of comfort and accept a crown of thorns for them?

I am sure you answer will be blunt no. But if someone dared to do so, I am sure you and me have no hesitation to call him a real life hero.

Let me introduce you, a common man, a small town guy, a son, a husband, a father, a professional and above all a wonderful human being Dr Arvind Dahiya. After completing his professional degree as a doctor, Arvind moved to England and established himself as a successful Professional doctor in the field of critical care. After spending more than a decade and learned the art of critical care, he was enjoying his life with his wife and three lovely kids. I am sure he was feeling some vaccum somewhere or I would say, his inner voice was shaking his conscious to do something which a normal person would never think of doing. Hippocratic Oath, which he might have taken many years back but was living every day of his life to honor every single word of it, was encouraging him to swim against the stream. Finally his conscious won and he decided to move back to his homeland, a small town, where he was born, raised, educated and started his career as a professional doctor.

In my honest opinion, bigger credit goes to his wife Dr Kirti and three lovely kids who shared the same passion and decided to join the band wagon of humanity to support his decision. Not only that, his parents, his brother Parmender and his family who were enjoying a successful life in USA, all became part of his mission to serve humanity and moved back to a small town Rohtak.

Then started the realization of a dream, named Kainos, which people call it hospital but I consider that as a home of god. Not only in our culture but for every single individual living in this planet, doctors are considered as God.

Unfortunately for many it has become a profession but there are some like our hero Dr Arvind who truly represent the definition of a doctor which in other words of humanity is God.

I am sure we all can understand that how challenging it would have been for a person who came back to the country , which has lost the meaning of humanity somewhere in past , to serve his people with a good intent of providing quality healthcare at an affordable price. I am sure those sleepless nights, drops of salty water on his cheeks when he felt the pain of a poor patient, sleeping on a 3×6 bed in hospital, working for long 18-20 hours a day, I am sure, no one will value that. As we thankless people will say, he is crazy, he might have come back to make more money or some will say it’s his problem. I can understand the fight and spirit which he might have shown to establish himself against all the odds of a system which can force any good human being to commit suicide because of his frustration against the system.

The journey which started with a dream almost 5 yrs before has become a reality and Kainos is changing the face of health care industry not only in Rohtak but in whole Haryana. The kind of technology, infrastructure, system and procedures are second to none in the world. Not only the medical fraternity, but the common men are praising his efforts to change the face of healthcare in India. I know this is just the beginning of a new era.

I know we all can’t dare to even think what this common man has does, but at least we can appreciate his efforts and spared the word about him to ensure that we recognize his sacrifice, we support his cause, we give a pat on his back and say, you are a real life hero. Our encouragement will boost his morale and may be will encourage another Arvind to take charge in any other field of life to serve humanity.

I feel proud to say that I am part of his mission and salute his and family efforts to create a difference in life of many others. Salute to solidarity, compassion and empathy of whole family towards a mission to serve humanity 

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“Team Team Team , Even single person is a team“

Now a day’s everywhere, all across GTA Real Estate, you will see everyone is promoting as a team. It seems like there is a storm of teams rushing from everywhere to prove its worth. I personally feel that competition is always good but sometime people just start following a trend without understanding their own skill set and capabilities. I fully respect those who have zeal to grow and have capabilities to prove themselves. I also understand and believe that real success is making others successful. But without understanding my own skill set and capabilities, if I will try to do something which others are doing, will definitely be a blunder not only for myself but for my profession as well. Unknowingly I will create a mess for myself and others.

I will share an interesting story with you which recently happened to me when I was talking to one of a productive Realtor in Alberta about our franchise system. He bombarded me with his questions and most interesting question was, Why should I take Save Max franchise where as I am working with a brand which has more than 100 thousand Realtors network. I was very impressed with his question and answered him with an question. I asked him, after working more than a decade with some brand, how confidently you can send one of your clients to your counterpart in Toronto, who is working under the same brand.

I am sure you can very well guess his answer and he said, he can’t. The simple reason behind that is there is no one who is inspiring and cultivating a team culture there. They are being grown in an internal competition culture and there is no team structure in place which can become a guideline for them to do business together as a team. Just look around in your brokerage and see how confidently you can share one of your client’s information with someone else who is working in same office. How sure you are that you will get the right solution to any of your problem from your senior colleagues. I am sure you will have the answer, and if you don’t have, then I dare you to try as an experiment and you will have the answer soon.

Now comes the biggest question what makes an effective team and how team can help you to be successful in your life as a professional. Just because I have done good business doesn’t qualify me to become a good leader to lead the team. But for sure that is one of the important criteria, as I personally believe that if you are successful yourself, then it’s easier to help others to be successful. But it’s not necessary that a good salesperson can be a good manager too and vice versa. I always say, team is what a team leader is. The most important characteristic of a team is the spirit among team members and it’s very hard to find or I would say, it takes a lot of hell to gather such people who have that spirit. Majority I have seen that even team leader doesn’t show that spirit, then how can he/she inculcate the same in team members.

Then comes the vision of the leader to grow other team members. Would you like to choose a leader who himself is a follower and doing the activities just by following others. There is a lack of originality of ideas and initiatives. Having a leader who himself is a follower makes you the part of a group not a team.

Before you decide to become part of any team , look at the track record and see how many team members have grown to the next level under the table leadership of team leader or if the team is there for name sake without any team spirit .

I come across a little funny situation when I see people promoting team with their spouse and the real fact is spouse is not even an active Realtor. Then what’s the fun of promoting a team and it’s just for the name sake or satisfying personal desire to make ourselves happy that we have a so called team.

I am sure many people will have different opinion than me which I fully respect and understand. The only objective of this article is to share my viewpoint . I am not trying to prove that I am the best team leader out there , I believe that I am a student and learning everyday from my team members . I try to share what I learn to contribute positively to my profession .

If you care you will share .


“What makes a Nation great“

Recently I got an opportunity to visit few wonderful places in the world including India, Dubai and China. It gave me a lot of time to think about various aspects of life and a lot of introspection about myself as well. The most interesting topic which kept striking my mind was “What makes a country great “. The place I visited in these 3 countries speaks about the cultural values, business ethics, moral character and above all compassion and empathy of people towards others.

This question kept striking me again and again, what makes a nation great? I understand we all have different perspective and in the history there are many examples where we can say that a great leader makes a nation great, or the natural resources of the landscape make a country great . Some might have opinion that best geographic location on the world map could be a factor for some country to be great. Education system , financial well being , youth of the country , law and order can be few other options which we might come up as a factor to make a country great.

Before I put my perspective in front of you , I would encourage you to open up the window of your brain to think for few other options which can make a country great so that we can have a logical argument and may be , can reach on a consensus mutually to determine the most important ingredient which is a sole factor to make a country great .

After doing a lot of internal fighting and putting thousands of pound pressure on my brain, I personally could reach on a conclusion the most significant factor which makes a country great is a “Common Man”. The common man who is walking on road, going to school or work, busy in doing his daily chores, travelling in train or car and blah blah… The common man, who we see it everywhere, in every country, is the most important factor to make a nation great. His way of thinking , his attitude towards his work and nation, his compassion and empathy , his emotional strength, his will power, his decision making, his zeal to follow the system , his passion , his knowledge and thousands of other factors which is the building block of any great nation . It’s like what makes a building a state of the art structure, the real credit goes to the every single block of that building which makes it a building.

The same way this common man is a building block of a nation and everything revolves around him to make a nation great. Many great leaders in the world like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama were among the common men and they have written the history of the world. This common man has a lot of power and once he realizes his power, he can really do wonders. You and me both have an important role to play to make our nation great as a common man and let’s take a pledge and ensure that we with utmost sincerity , compassion and empathy and with all the seriousness , we will work towards making a great nation . If every singly common man takes this pledge, we can make a great world indeed.

I am sure you might have your own opinion with logic which is very welcome and I would love to hear your thoughts and perspective on this.

If you care, you will share.


“Wisdom and Experience”

We, as human being, are the only species in the world that has been given a liberty and luxury of free will. We have an excellent system installed in our body machine which is called NI (Natural Intelligence) which is much smarter, much efficient, much faster in processing than any latest AI (Artificial Intelligence). This NI system learns with its own experience and gives us wisdom to make decisions in future. We act majority of times based on our experience and wisdom. Now the biggest question arise that how we obtain the best experience and wisdom. I can share my own thought process which is based on my experience of life.

If you want to get wisdom, Read Books. If you want to gain experience, Travel as much as you can. In my opinion reading and travelling gives you the wisdom and experience. I have started these 2 recently and in a short span of time I realized that I should have done this much earlier in my life but have no regrets of even starting it now, as we always say better late than never . I have started reading books from last years and after achieving the target of reading 12 books in 2018, I have given myself a challenge to read 50 books and very excited to say that I have achieved the same in 11 months.

Targeting to finish other 2 books in December and will keep the same momentum in 2020. I have started doing but extensive travel in last few months, though the purpose was business but I am enjoying it as a learning experience of so many places. I wanted Krish and Shreya to start the travel in early age so brought him with me this time to 3 countries trip. I can share my joy and happiness in words when I see him interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and understanding their culture and lifestyle. He is really having fun here with us.

Books give you wisdom as you get to learn from the experience of others. One life is not enough to make all the mistakes or rather I would say to experience everything of your own so it’s better to share our experiences with others and vice versa . When you do so you learn a lot and your sub conscious mind start its own processing to create NI of its own. When you travel, you experience life in real sense and get a first hand trail to various aspects of life and face its challenges. The real beauty comes with a live experience and that you can get only when you travel.

I have a clear cut objective of reading 50 more books this year and travel 10 new places in the world. Off course I have my own career objectives which will be on top priority as well. I am ready to make 2020 the most memorable year of my life, are you ready?

If you care you will share.