“What a Day in Alberta “

Yesterday I had spend one of the best day in my life and I would like to give full credit to our teams in Edmonton and Calgary. What an incredible day I have spent which started with some good book reading early morning, gym, good breakfast and then started the real action.

It was our office opening in Edmonton at 11am. Deepak picked me from hotel at around 10.30 and we reached at office by 10.50 am. I was on my foot for almost 5 hours and met more than 450 people who came to say congrats for the office opening. Guys it was not the no of people which amazed me, it was their warmth and love which made me stunned and I was feeling like someone has opened the whole sky and showering the blessings on us for our new venture. I haven’t experienced this kind of Welcome and Credit goes to a friend, brother and a wonderful human being Deepak Chopra for this commendable job. I was speechless with his networking, PR and relationship and felt proud on my decision to have him as our flag bearer in Edmonton. I am so excited to share the glimpse of all the pics with all of you.

***This was my message to team today early morning at 4 am ***

“I would like to congratulate Deepak, Himanshu, Rajat, Sakshi, Jatin, Manish, Irwin and special thanks to Kamal for putting great efforts to make this event such a grand success.

I can’t express my feelings in words but you guys have done a wonderful job and boosted my morale. Conducting an event with such an ease and high energy deserves a round of applause and kudos to our Leader Deepak who took the charge to make it happen. “

Then we drove to Calgary and there was another magical team waiting for me. Met some incredible people who were from the industry and some aspiring Realtors. It was such a great feeling to share about Save Max platform and share our vision and I could see flow of energy in every single individual. Big thanks to Deepak Manha and Arun for their whole hearted support. I am sure we will rule Calgary under their able leadership.

I want to mention a special person, who I felt like my younger brother, Rajat Bhatia, I have no words to express my feeling about this young lad. His attitude and approach towards life and business is second to none and I will explain him in simple words “You are the best Rajat“

I wish this type of day should be every single day of my life. I will share pics with you soon.

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