“Vancouver Diaries“

After marking some initial footsteps in Alberta for Save Max, I thought what should be next destination to touch for our Real Estate expansion. The first thought which came into my mind was about Vancouver. I was fascinated with the mesmerizing beauty and warmth of people and wanted to experience it personally. So I decided to make Vancouver as our next touch point for Save Max. We started connecting with people here through various media’s and decided to come here on Halloween Day.

I was really overwhelmed with the success which we have achieved in Alberta. In less than a month we have an office in Edmonton and Calgary both cities. We are fortunate enough to make an impression so quick and got immense love, affection and support in Alberta. Wanted to see what Vancouver has to offer us. Finally we landed in Vancouver on 31st afternoon, reached hotel and had some rest. Evening we planned to visit Surrey where we had some friends .I personally liked the city and after spending few hours we came back to hotel.

Yesterday was a very interesting day and I got an opportunity to meet few investors, developers and many others in various field related to Real Estate. It was good first hand information about the Real Estate Market here in Vancouver and other neighboring cities. We had planned a seminar in the evening for which we had good no of registrations. But eventually the turnout was not that much in the evening which didn’t disappoint me as it was our first time here.

Later we realized that many people are skeptical to travel to downtown because of traffic and parking issues. It was a good learning lesson for us for next time. The best part was we got some quality people to meet who are in Real Estate business or aspiring to be Realtors. Evening dinner was lot of fun with some local friends and team members. I would like to personally thanks to all Vancouver people and especially those who came to meet helped us to connect with others. Today is going to be a busy and hectic day.

Full of appointments until afternoon and then we will catch the flight to Edmonton as I have to address a group in the evening which Deepak has coordinated Tomorrow we will be doing our office opening in Edmonton and then to Calgary. This is a lot of fun and I am really enjoying this expansion plan trips.

Will keep you posted, stay tuned.

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