“The bitter truth of Success“

Success, this word sound so sweet and everyone loves it. Who doesn’t want to be successful in life? When we see any successful person, we wish to live his life. But is it really that sweet, actually no, there is a lot of bitterness in success. It’s not as sweet as it looks from outside. Only those will understand who have tasted the fruit of success.

There has been countless sleepless hours, millions of sacrifices, compromises with personal and family lives, fear of failures, disrespects , rejections , frustrations and many more of those unpleasant words and situation which a normal personal would hate to hear. There is heavy price which someone pays to be successful. Those people have lost many of his friends without any reason during the journey of success who thought that person has changed. Actually that person never changed his friend’s perception about him changed and they started thinking he has become successful and big and they left him. There are many sleepless nights, tearful moments where there was no cry at face but heart was broken and soul was crying. That success might have gone through a litmus test thousands of time and have tolerated the back stabbing of own people.

We normally think that successful people has lot of people in their surroundings whereas majority of the people who reached at top were actually felt very lonely. Lot many people get connected to you when you are successful but it becomes hard for you to determine their intentions.

“I will summarize this in one line… That overnight success took me 10 years of hard work”

Don’t hesitate to share your viewpoints or experience with others.

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