“Reward: How Important?”

Today’s article is inspired from a true success story of a common boy who came into this country with some little dream in his eyes and worked tirelessly with his passion to fulfill those dreams.

I am referring to my younger brother, Abhishek Grover, who has recently been awarded a brand new Mercedes for his extra-ordinary performance and success under Save Max banner. His reward made me write this article and gave me a reason to think, how much rewards are important in our life. We are naturally built to feel happy when we get appreciated and sad when criticized. Starting from our childhood rewards help to keep us motivated and contribute positively in our learning, either it is school, college, university, job, or day to day life.

I understand, appreciation makes us feel good, but in my opinion, criticism has its own role in our life. Appreciation makes us better, but criticism makes us the best. As long as we have an ability to understand and accept the criticism and improve upon our self as a human being. The biggest reward we have achieved from nature is that we are born as a human being who has the ability to work with his/her free will. All other creatures and creations of nature are not blessed with the ability of free will.

I can’t express in words about Abhishek’s feeling when I handed over the keys to him, but I can tell you that moment was special. That intensified my views that rewards make us feel proud on our actions and motivates us and others to do better in future.

I would like to congratulate Abhishek for his tremendous success, but would like to advise him to stay grounded if he wants to go further in life with better results.

The more you grow the humble you become. That’s the way to succeed.

Never forget to help others without self interest and that will make you a great human being which has more meaning than becoming successful materialistically.

If you care, you will share.

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