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“I don’t do business with my friends & Family”

How many of us think this way that it’s not a good idea to do business with family and friends. I am sure majority of us think that way or practice this principal in our day to day life. Everyone have their own reason , some will say that we don’t want to ruin relation, some give the logic of not disclosing the personal information and some do so just because they don’t trust their friends and family members.

I am sure few of us will change their opinion after reading this article. I will share my personal experience of my life and proudly say that I happily and successfully dealt in my business with friends and family members. The simple reason for that was the person I dealt in my life became my friends and family after dealing. I always made sure to do business with them as I am doing that business for me and when you think that way, you never do wrong as per your best understanding. If you ever deal with your friends please ensure to deal them in a professional way and they will always be happy to do business with you.

Please ensure to give them assurance that their personal information will be well protected and you will always find a good client and business from their end. It’s always good to have clear terms and conditions rather than keeping the things in limbo or keeping the gray area in between. Friends and family are always easy to deal with if you ensure to deal it properly and make sure you do your best in terms of services and price. You have to be more careful and double professional when it comes to dealing in your own circle.

Especially in our field most of the time Realtors® are part timers and their own circle avoids them as they are not confident about their dealing and experience in the industry. Majority of the relationship gets ruined in lack of clarity and communication.

I am sure this will help you to understand this dynamics better and will help you to grow your business.

If you care you will share.

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