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“I am open to accept Gifts”​

This is the festival season and I am observing every now and then someone drops a gift basket at my office to share his gratitude of relationship. Some do it as it’s their professional obligation as they are doing business with you, some do it because they respect you and some do it because they love you. Whatever the reason is, it’s a way to send their best wishes and regards during the festive season.

I was just thinking about it and let me share the fact with you. Most of the gift basket carries sweets, chocolates and the items which we normally don’t use in our day to day life. Is it necessary and if yes then what should be the gift. I am sure you all are aware about my growing passion about books. I have decided that whenever I need to give a gift to anyone, I will give a set of books and will encourage that person to do the same. I would strongly urge to all the readers that in case you can also plan to do the same and make it as your New Year resolution. May be this small initiative of mine changes the mindset of at least one person, it will be more than enough. As that one person is good enough to pass down the message to a second one and second one to third one. The chain reaction can create a revolution and we can make sure that the most relevant gift of books becomes a tradition in our society.

A book as a gift is a real treasure of wisdom for the recipient and why not to present a treasure to your kids, family members and friends. Take advantage of this holiday season and your friend is waiting for a gift from you.

My address is 6755 Mississauga Rd Suite 304 Mississauga.

I am open to accept the gift and you know what I am expecting (LoL)

If you care you will share

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