“How are you ? Not Bad “

When I came to Canada as an immigrant, the most common thing I heard was “Not Bad“. Whenever you ask someone how are you? The most common Canadian answer is “Not Bad“. I am not sure how It might have started and who used it first. But my biggest concern was that why people don’t change it. Did you ever think that we are using two negative words in this? “NOT & BAD”. Both these words are negative words which really create negative vibes as well. So I thought that I will start using only positive words. When someone comes and ask me, how are you. I reply by saying, “Fantastic “. I have observed people’s reaction on it and everyone seems very happy with that word. By saying fantastic, I was sharing something energetic and powerful with them and could see a smile on other person’s face.

I will encourage you to do an experiment that next 10 people who comes and ask you , How are you , say “Not Bad “ to five out of those ten and say “Fantastic “ to rest five . Try to see how you feel and also how other person reacted to your answer. Then you might understand the power of using positive words in our day to day life. Our mind has a beautiful auto learning system. The way we feed our brain, the same way it learns. If we feed it with positivity that’s what it will return back to you and if we feed it with negativity, then it has no option than emitting negative vibes.

Can we all take a pledge that not only us will use only the positive words, but will also encourage others to do so…

I use Fantastic; you can choose your own positive word. It will be fantastic if you share your positivity with others and mention your positive word in comments.

If you care, you will share.

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