***Hot Head and Cold Heart ***

I have read this line somewhere and it really attracted me as a few years back. I had a very hot head and anger dominated me very much. When success came across and kissed my feet the hotness of the head was raised like mercury in the summer. Soon I realized that is not the way to go up in life because you make more enemies than friends and above all, anger produces 1 thing; false ego. With time I became mature by reading books, talking to intellectuals, and self analysis. So, I started working on a formula; the more you succeed, the more humble you become. It was not easy to control anger as I have fed it with the most nutritious food, ego.

This was a fight between a sumo wrestler (anger) and the weak person (myself). The journey was tough, but achievable with proper training of mine through books and a little self-control.

The most interesting part of this journey the more I controlled my anger and reduced the mercury level in my head, the warmth was being shifted in my heart. I could never find the right words to describe the phenomenon until I read a beautiful line somewhere “Hot Head and Cold Heart will never bring you the best out of your life.”

Let’s work on ourselves to have a cold head and warmth in the heart. That will help you to face all the challenges with coolness of mind. It will also make you a wonderful human being with the warmth in the heart that is compassionate for others.

If you experienced the same in your life, don’t hesitate to comment below. As the more you write, the better you become.

If you care, you will share.

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