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***Have you reached your top Potential? Can’t grow more! ***

I am not sure if you ever get a chance to review yourself and look back to determine if you have reached at the top of your potential. We are so busy in what we are doing that we forget to take time out to determine our real potential either it’s personally, professionally or spiritually. I will give you a simple way to evaluate yourself. Take 15 min and start evaluating yourself on these 3 parameters in last 10 years, if you are not almost double or more than that, then you have not utilized your potential to full and there is lot more room to grow.

There is always a way to stretch yourself to the next level but we always undermine our potential and don’t utilize our full energy to take us to next level. The most important question comes, what stops you to reach at your top potential and the simple answer is our own mindset. Somehow we are wired to live in our comfort zone and our mind keeps pushing us to stay there. We are always afraid of taking any new initiative and challenge. You might have seen yourself and many people in your surroundings doing the same stuff from last 20 years. Just imagine if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result.

People never explore themselves and don’t like those mentors or leaders who would like to experiment. This happens more in well educated people as they think they know everything and doesn’t need to improve. We have become slave of our mind and circumstances, we always measure success with money not with learning new things. We live in a society where fear is losing is predominant on the joy of doing something new.

It happens to me as well but I will always fight with myself to have dominancy on my fearful thoughts. I would Love to be ignorant of risk of losing and keep experimenting new things as it helps me to explore my potential and reach at new heights every time . I want to ensure I grow personally, professionally and spiritually. There are simple ways of doing it, experiment new things and evaluate the results, Read good books and feel contented , meet new people and let them speak to learn from their experience, go to new places and feel the cosmic energy in that place and align your potential with it .

There is a famous saying that standing water always stink so please ensure to keep growing and keep doing new things. Life is not about how much money you collect; life is about how many moments you collect. Get out of the fear of failure, have an attitude of gratitude, live in present, forget past and don’t worry about the future. Never think that you have reached on your top potential as there is always someone bigger and better than you who should be your aim to become.

I am sure this article will help many to think, take out your fear and will give you another reason to explore your potential. Don’t forget to say thanks to someone, even if it’s me, if you get motivated for a new challenge of your life. As this thank will help you to learn attitude of gratitude. Before I teach you I would like to convey my thanks to those who help me to grow.

If you care you will share.

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