Business Motivation

***Hard Work and Blessings***

Last week I got an opportunity to meet more than 700 people in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Grand opening for our Edmonton office and many get together. It was really great experience to share our success story at many platforms. The most popular question was, “What made you successful? “

I don’t have to think twice to reveal the real ingredients of my success; it’s as simple as 2+2=4. I was asked the same question by media multiple times. In my opinion, if you have the combination of these 2 things, it’s more than enough to make you successful. **Hard work and blessings **. Off course these is no substitute to hard work in life but I think the most important ingredient is the blessings you carry in life.

A blessing has a lot of power and can change your destiny. I always try to collect as many blessings as I can from my friends, well Wishers, parents, grandparents and the most important blessings is from your wife (lol) . There is some secret formula to get blessings from your wife; you have to keep presenting her gold & diamond jewellery, purses and gifts. If you don’t have time to do those then please give her a credit card. Why this is important if you keep her busy in that, she will let you focus on your work and won’t disturb you much.

I understand there are many other factors which you might say are crucial for our success but have faith on my experience and work on these 2 things , I can assure you success . Collect as much blessings as you can and there is a simply way to do it. Keep doing well for others without any self interest. Life is too short; make the best use of it. Don’t regret on anything. In life either it’s a right decision or a learning. There is nothing which is called a wrong decision.

Promise me every day you will do something to have a beautiful treasure of blessings and life will be totally different for you.

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