“Change and Decision Making”

Normally it doesn’t take me long time to think about any topic for writing but today’s topic was really taking long as wanted to write something totally different. I wanted to correlate 2 important things which is an integral part of any successful people. One is change and other one is decision making. Both go hand in hand and both are dependent upon each other as well but both of these factors are extremely important when it comes to getting success.

Let’s first talk about change. I have read somewhere if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will get what you have been getting in the past. To have something different, you have to do something different and that different is called change. As human beings we are wired to avoid change, we love to live in our comfort zone. You might have met people everyday who comes and tell you that I am so comfortable with what’s going on and want to have peace of mind. What they are telling you, I don’t want change. If you want to be successful than what you are today, you have to get out of your comfort zone and experiment something which you have never done.

Now let’s touch a bit about decision making as well. Decision is an action or process of deciding something or choosing an option from few available options. It is the most important aspect of life. We start this process as early as we are born and we have to keep doing until we die. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are making 100s and 1000s of decision every single day. On an average, we take approx 35,000 decisions every single day. Isn’t it interesting?

Did you ever realize that, I don’t think so. Every single thing of life is part of decision making like what time we have to wake up , what to eat , what to drink , what to wear , when to get out , which vehicle to use , which route to take to go to office , what to talk , how to walk and so on . The list keeps going on. There are few decisions which we don’t even realize as they have become part of our life. Now the important thing is there are decisions which are extremely important or I would say, big decisions.

Now how Decision making are change are inter related or correlated and how both these plays important role in our life. You might have heard that change is the only constant in life. It keeps happening. The most important decision we have to make in our day to day life is to accept the change or I would say let the change happen. As I have previously mentioned that we are wired to avoid the change but smart people always put resistance to themselves and push for change. This push for change is the decision which is always crucial and critical for someone’s life. If you realize and carefully watch your surroundings, every second a change is happening and every second there is a decision to make.

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