*Best place to Live on earth: My comfort Zone*

We all have so many dreams in our life which we want to live in Real Life. We have so many wishes which we want to fulfill. Someone loves car, someone has a dream destination to visit, for some dream home is just a dream. Every morning millions of people over crowd the world of thoughts and dump them in the universe in the evening. What do you think is the first thing you need to do to fulfill your wishes or realized your dreams?

Before we open the secret to ourselves, let’s understand something from a real life example.

During the winter what’s our most love-able activity. Majority people will have the answer, sitting in the blanket because that gives us comfort. For that comfort, we actually miss an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature in winter which many people keep dreaming. If we have to enjoy winter or we have to be successful, the weather should not be a challenge. We need to kick ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Just imagine, the best place to live on the earth is our comfort zone as we don’t want to challenge ourselves and feel quite comfy in our zone. We are afraid of looking beyond our comfort zone but all the real beauty is on the other side of fear. It’s very easy to challenge ourselves but we have to take an initiative to do it once , twice or thrice . After that it becomes a habit and you will always experience the best the moment you pull away yourself from the best place in the world : “Your Comfort Zone”

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