“Problem Solving: Leadership”

One of the most important qualities of a leader is problem-solving skills and a good leader will always come up with the best solution of any problem based on their analytical ability and situation assessment. Problems are part of a leader’s day to day life and a good leader will always maintain his cool and calm in every situation. 

It’s my personal experience, after a little while it becomes a necessity for a leader to have the problem as he/she starts enjoying the challenges which come with the problem. This is a part of the daily mental diet if someone wants to grow as a leader. As we always need some kind of bacterial or viral attack on the body which helps the body to create resistance, the same way we need an attack on the mind with the problem so that the mind can be trained or used to handle any kind of situation. The bigger the challenge or problem is, the more enjoyment it is for a leader.

This is one aspect of problem-solving but there is another side of it as well which most of the time people don’t realize as a quality of a leader. Sometimes we have to foresee the problem as well and by doing so we can manage a worse situation before it arises. It’s not only getting the best solution to a problem which makes a leader great but it’s also the farsightedness to assess the forthcoming problem. Again it’s like giving a vaccine to the body to avoid a future viral attack.

Now there is a third aspect of the problem as well which is above and beyond the thinking of a common man. Only a person who really understands the importance of problems in life can agree with me. I am sure you might have heard in medical science, where the body is introduced to the virus to ensure it can develop the resistance against that particular disease. In the same way, sometimes we have to induce the problem so that the system can be tested or strengthened. It’s like a mock drill for the fire in an office building to ensure everything in the system is working fine. As a leader sometimes the problems are induced to ensure to check the capabilities of the team.

I am sure these three different aspects of problem-solving might have given you a different aspect of your life. Don’t afraid of problems but focus on solutions in your life. Once you train your brain to do so, no one can stop you from tremendous success in your life.

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