“Each one, Teach One”

Real-Life Experience

I always kept thinking what is the real purpose of life and why are we here on this earth as human being . Recently I got fond of reading books and I targeted to read 50 books in this year . With reading I realized the purpose of my life ( I think everyone has their own purpose to be here and you have to find yours ) . I realized that I have to make an impact on at least one person’s life when I am done with that I have to choose one more person who I can make positive impact and will keep doing it one by one until I am here on this earth . I started writing small blogs which many people liked and appreciated.

I see some beautiful rewards coming on my way and feel proud to see that I was able to make positive impact on couple of people which I will share with you . Few of the messages I got yesterday on Teacher’s day which actually made me emotional and also made me feel that I am going in the right direction to fulfil my purpose of life . I will share few of the messages and taking liberty to use their name without permission. I am sure if any of the person has any objection they will apologize me as I always use my right on those who I like the most .

Message from Smriti Dash

( Real Beauty is , I think we never met in our life , though she visited my office once and also we planned to meet but could never meet face to face )

***A very good morning to you Raman Jee,

Wishing you a very happy teacher’s day!

You are an amazing mentor cum friend, who helps to enlighten and inspire young minds and change lives.

Every article of yours definitely conveys a message of learning lessons. Keep enlightening us with your knowledge and experience.

It definitely impacts many learning souls.

Love reading your posts always.

Warm regards to you 🙏🙏

Wishing you a very happy teacher’s day !!


Message from Shaifali Kaushik

( I know her from the days when she was just landed in this country . I have seen her growing from a little girl to a wonderful human being . I have learned some of the best lessons of life from her . Feel proud to be part of her team , yes I said it right , I feel like part of her team and she is the real power of Save Max .)

***Happy Teachers day to the world’s best Teacher, Mentor and the most inspiring and kindest human being Raman Dua ❣️

You are not just living your life with pride and happiness but inspiring and making so

Many more to do the same

Keep Inspiring….***

Message from Jyoti Bhogal Ji .

( I always admire Jyoti ji for her smiling and inspiring personality. Her short and sweet message made me smile. Reading Guru Ji was awkward for me and it gave me feeling of an old man and it made me smile . I felt like she is saying those words in front of me . Such a lovely feeling and I read it few times )

Happy Teacher’s Day…!!!

Real Estate GURU JI..!!!

Thanks to all these wonderful people who actually thought so much and made me feel proud . They are the true inspiration and example for all of us . Their small gesture gave me more strength and I feel like I have to make more efforts to write and share with all of you . And yes that’s my purpose of life

“Each one , Teach one”

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