How Many Lives Corona Has Saved

You watch any news channel, pick up any newspaper, internet, social media or any other mode of communication, everywhere, everybody is talking only one thing, how many people died from Corona Virus. It seems like every single death happening in the world is because of Corona only. Don’t you realize that all of a sudden people stopped dying from any other ailment or accident or plane crash or mass shooting or any terroristic activity (except the one from Afghanistan)? Now, what does that mean actually? Let’s run our brain and realize that all other problems have been disappeared from the world all of sudden and only one problem is dominating the world which is responsible for the majority of deaths.

It’s giving me another thought to analyze the data that how many people have been saved from accidents, mass shootings, other ailments, pollution, heart attack, diabetes and many other factors like that. Corona started spreading somewhere in Nov 2019 in Wuhan and from then it took almost 84000 lives all across the world. It’s almost 5 months and on an average 560 people died each day. I did a little research and found out that there are a total of 150000 people die every day in the world. Another Interesting stats which I find there are more than 3700 people who lose their lives daily in road accidents and many other who gets nonfatal injuries and long term disabilities. In other worlds because of Corona, there is no traffic on the rods and many lives are being saved from road accidents. Similarly, many lives are being saved from day to day crimes as all the criminals are also enjoying the self-quarantine. There might be many people who died from Corona as per the medical reports who have another ailment as well or might be age was another big factor.

Friends, Don’t you think we are seeing what media or someone else wants us to see? Let’s think and open our brains and analyze where we are leading to. We have become slaves in this world and can be driven in any direction just by throwing some news on us. My objective is not to give a message that we should not take precautions from COVID 19. My message is that we have to be more analytical and more thoughtful for the future and try to use our brains to think where we should lead ourselves. I am assuming that there is no conspiracy in COVID 19 and it’s a genuine natural calamity but what if there is some conspiracy and it will prove that the whole world can be made blind just with a small virus including all the so-called world powers and world leaders. But I don’t think it’s their fault, it’s our fault, as we have allowed them to block our minds and close our eyes. Let’s not live a life that anyone can drive for us, we have to have full control over our life and plan to live a conscious life.

I am sure you will somewhat agree with my thought process. If so then don’t hesitate to share this with others. Your thoughts are welcome.

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