Positive News: Virus not impacting much on 92% people even after infection

24.14 % of people Recovered, 67.70 % Mild Symptoms, 3.64% Severe Cases, 4.52% of Deaths

These are the stats for Corona Virus. If media puts the headlines that Coronavirus is not impacting much on 92% people, I think the whole fear of the disease will be gone. Don’t you feel this all seems to be media created problem and has been hiked on to a level where it seems like a very big deal?

I absolutely understand the other side of the story that we need to be careful about the spread of the virus, as it might make much more impact in the future but does that mean we should create an unnecessary scare in the public by just putting the negative no as the headlines. Don’t you think the time has come when we have to be more creative that how we can pass the message and ensure that we don’t create panic? Aren’t we creating 2 problems now out of one, COVID 19 is already there as a problem and by creating panic, we are killing the economy. Is there any other way governments could have handled the situations differently. Personally, I am in favor of physical distancing but I am just trying to do a thought-provoking process and see if there could be a better way to handle these kinds of problems in future where we at least don’t create unnecessary scare among the public and can stop the spread.

I think it would be a great idea for the future that we start educating our next generations about their behavior whenever there is a biological attack like this.

1. There should be mock drills in schools and offices so that people could well understand their responsibilities during this time.

 2. We have to make masks, gloves, and sanitizer as part of the emergency kits at home so that there is enough stock in the country.

 3. The medical staff should have special training to handle virus attacks and there should be emergency equipment assigned for these problems.

 4. There could be a self-quarantine training like CPR training where we can create much bigger task forces in each street and neighborhood.

 5. There should be a volunteer task force that is trained from time to time to manage any problem at the basic level so that there is not much pressure on the health system.

 6. Each region might have some super specialty hospital which can keep the other patients separate and infected separately.

 7. There should a special emergency fund to handle this kind of situation.

 8. Action should be taken at the first ring of the problem rather than waiting for others to respond.

 9. There should be a policy and procedures for each city to have a mass disinfection plan.

 10. A special committee that keeps evaluating the situation after 6 months to 1 year.

In my opinion, these precautionary measures can reduce the risk in the future for these kinds of problems and will ensure that we don’t have 2 problems.

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