Actions and Blessings

I have been asked much time by my colleagues, other Realtors, friends, media and so many other people, what’s the secret of your success? We all believe that actions make you successful but I am a firm believer that there is something more powerful than actions and actually it drives your action as well so many times and that’s called blessings. I always give credit to my success to all the blessings which have been showered on me during my lifetime. After all, I am a human being and I have made so many mistakes but some of them were excused by my good wishers and some were minor which were ignored. What keeps you moving in life is the blessings that you collect by doing anything and everything with your pure heart. Even if you are helping someone, don’t help with some vested interest and that helps become the blessing of life.

I remember I might have made thousands of stupid calls or irrational decisions in my life but something somehow saved me from all the irrationalities of life. I always feel I got more than what I deserve in my life. There are thousands of others who are smarter than me and doing much more hard work than me. The only difference I could see is maybe I have a little more blessing than anyone else. I would always encourage everyone to keep counting their blessings and even try to collect countless blessings; you will observe in your life that blessings saved from the biggest havoc.

Now comes the simple but most important question on how to collect blessings. I have made some of my concepts of life and try to follow them. Just see if it works for you as well.

1. First and foremost, the whole cosmos belongs to me and I belong to the whole cosmos. Everything is my accountability and responsibility. If you will think like this, any work will never be a burden on you.

2. Listen to your instinct. It can’t guide you wrong. Even if for the time being you will feel something wrong has happened, it will automatically guide you to make it right.

3. Be genuine even if you have done a blunder. People feel genuine.

4. Believe in just doing. Forget about right and wrong. Just do it with your inner conscience. If right happens, great. If wrong happens, wonderful. You will realize, later on, the wrong was actually right.

5. Help people with genuine intentions. Don’t expect anything in return. You will be automatically taken care of by someone else.

6. Love money but not more than people. You can earn money easily but earning people is very hard.

7. Accept someone the way they are. Don’t expect perfect human beings, love imperfection that will give you peace of mind.

8. Kids are like God. Do whatever best you can do for them.

9. Love what you do and enjoy it to the fullest.

10. Fear kills you, kill the fear with your power.

This is my latest finding and I loved it the most. Meditate … Meditate … Meditate…

I shared my success mantra, you can share yours…..

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