Every House Has a Hero: Let’s Salute Them

A hero is a person who has the outstanding ability to stand for a cause and fight the odds to help others. The cause could be fighting for the survival of the family, taking responsibility for financial burden, working to ensure that his/her job is done properly even in the time of difficulty or someone who stands in line for the duty in his/her respective field.

This story is inspired by a hero who is fighting the battle because one is survival for the family and the other one is making sure her duty is done properly amid this Pandemic. Yesterday I got a call from one of my colleague Ash Who has a family to take care of but is stuck in the house to ensure self-isolation. His wife works at Home Depot and she has a schedule there during this challenge. Though the whole family was forcing her not to go on the job and take days off as they have an option to go on EI or take emergency benefit from the government.

But this hero of ours decided to go for the job with an explanation to the family. She said what if everyone working there thinks the same way then there will be no one to take care of the people over there who are rushing to buy some daily use stuff. Also, there will be a lot of crowd in case many people decide not to come on the job and that might further spread the virus. For her the objective could be to survive the family in this tough period or make sure she joins her line of duty in spite of the risk from being infected, she needs a salute when she reaches home and that’s what the family did. When she came back, everyone was standing at the door to salute her for her dedication towards the family and society.

Do you have a hero at your home who goes out every day to make sure you could live a good life or someone who is out today during this worldwide pandemic? Please make sure to salute that hero at home who is fighting for your everyday needs. If you are that hero salute yourself as one needs to appreciate himself first.

My salute to all those household heroes and respect from the bottom of my heart.

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