“Stop helping others”

There is a famous saying in India that when someone goes to Canada, their blood turns white. I am sure you might have heard or experienced it many times or maybe we are one of those about whom someone else is saying this thing. Why does that happen and who does that. When we come to this country as a new immigrant, then we are well connected to our friends and family back home. Slowly slowly we start getting busy in our lives here and because of the sincere working culture here we get busy in our daily routine and get less time for friends and family back home. Also sometimes the expectations are more from us as we have become Canadian so we relatives and friends think that we have all the power to do everything which is far from reality. Also, there is another factor that the more you get older in this county, the complexity of life kept increasing and even many times we are willing to help but our own circumstances don’t allow us to do so.

Another major reason what I see that many times you helped others but didn’t get a good response from their side so that makes you feel that you shouldn’t help others. I always fight with myself for that and say to myself, why should I change myself just because I have some expectations from others and they didn’t fulfill those expectations. I have also been backstabbed, I have also been cheated, I have also been fooled but just because that happened, should I change myself. I don’t think that is a wise call. I always give myself the logic of not changing myself as a helping hand to others that this may be the reason why I am, where I am.

If you are successful in your life, make sure to help others to be successful that will multiply your success manifolds. Don’t ever stop doing what brought you here at this level in your life. That’s the reason why so many people get stuck after reaching a level as they stop doing what helped them to achieve that level.

Let’s all celebrate October as a HELPING HAND Month and share stories to those helping hands who came forward to make you feel happy.

***If you care, you will share***

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